Getting Customers?


Hey everyone, i am new to the business here in north CA. i have a 4000psi 5.5gpm… is that good start machine?
Anyways… my question is since I’m new 0 customers, what is the best way of getting customers? door to door? free demonstration? flyers? share how you started getting customers…

Appreciate it!


Networking and door hanger are going to be the cheapest and with the most immediate results. Also the most effort on your part



Id recommend using that search button on the top right of your screen. Alot of the older guys on here dont like saying things a second time and their on about there nineteenth.

Just a quick answer is yes 5.5gpm is ok. Using your relationship (family, old coworkers, or freinds) for your first job is the usual but at the end of the day one job leads to another and you need to able to get more in a economical way anyway.


I went door to door to start. I started with driveways and tried to upsell the house wash. Even if I didn’t get the house I could almost always get the drive way. Look for well kept yards with a dirty driveway.


I started off by pitching my service to my customers at my main job… so far I’ve paid almost squat for leads because I get them all from work lol.


Don’t laugh, but practice on your friend’s houses. Do some softwashing and concrete cleaning for free or deep discount for your neighbors until you feel confident enough to work on a total stranger’s house. Oh, and when you do get actual customers, go out of your way to do a really good job, even if it takes twice as long as anticipated.

Check out Nextdoor, I feel it’s the modern day replacement for the defunct Angie’s List. Very powerful neighborhood referral site. You HAVE to do an outstanding job.

BTW being in CA, how does water usage limits come into play?


Welcome from another West Coaster! Your 5.5 should be a great way to start. I would suggest watching some YouTube videos from Rob Anderson and Cajun Softwash for some great info. Lots of great info here in prior posts. I especially like the info posted by Squid, Racer, Infinity, and Swhertz. Not to mention the grumpy but extremely knowledgeable IBS! Lots of others too! :grin:


Get your business up & registered on the search engines. Also get a Facebook page of your business up with pictures of your work


Id like to get some door hangers but they are $$$$$ on vistaprint


I have them. I mostly use them around houses I’ve done. I’ll hit the 3 across the street and the house on either side. If they don’t take care of their property at all, I don’t waste my hanger.


Where do you get yours from. I need some cheap ones to put out now. Ill go for better next spring when a have my surface cleaner and roof system


Vista print. Lmao. Seems like they are .15 ea


What! I must have did something wrong my were .79 a piece. Ill check agian later when i get off work lol.


Vista print always has a coupon to use. :+1:


HOMEADVISOR if you live in a relatively well-populated area. There is NOTHING that will impact your first year better. YOU STILL HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SELL YOURSELF.

Your machine should serve you well. Learn all you can here, and get busy. GOOD LUCK! BTW, I did almost $90k my first year with HA. (Thanks, @squidskc)


I bought 500


Just ordered 500! Thanks not sure what i did before but it was over $350 bucks. Got 500 for $85


Get on social media. Facebook and Instagram with business pages and push everyday - also next door has been killer for me


What is “next door” ?


Nextdoor is an app where people in local neighborhoods gather to discuss happenings such as yard sales, lost dogs/cats, people needing/offering services, or really anything taking place in that area. It has helped me tremendously with getting my foot in the door with certain upscale neighborhoods.

I see it as an old school ‘gossip’ line, can be a tremendous help or massive failure, depending on how good a job you do.