Getting Customers?


100% agree


Go to


full page 8.5 x 11
Cut in half
100lb cover gloss
Normal bleed

If you spend $150 shipping is free. Use coupon code “5”

It will cost you about .075c per flyer. Quality is great. You will not have the door hole cut out. From experience it’s a lot easier to just stick it in the door jam. If your dead set on using the door knob, staple a rubber band on it.


Ill give this a shot next year! It was flyers that was so expensive on vistaprint not the hangers


Yeah I got a bunch of hangers I gotta use… I’m saving em for the end of winter.


Ill have to make more. Will have my 12v pump setup by then so i want advertise that too


I put that info on my hangers anyway. Like for instance I put on there that we do roof cleaning too as well. But by the time I hang these, I’ll have my 12v setup and if my 12v setup isnt finished yet. I’ll just tell whoever called for roof work, that roof work is put on hold until I get my system up and running. This way here you’re ready for the calls on that service, and if you’re not ready, then at least you can subcontract to a friend or send it someone else way, and at least youre not lying to your customers when they call and ask if you can clean their roof.


Vista print is one of the most expensive sites on everything except cards. And even that you can get a higher quality card from other places. Spinnprint is the best for flyers. Dirtcheapsigns is the best for yard signs.

Edit: that I have found


Hahaha. Harold figured them out!

Vista pimps cheap cards, but most their other stuff is overpriced and not great quality.

Don’t know what you’re ordering at DCS or Spinnprint Harold but I just checked the sites and the pricing I saw wasn’t that competitive.


What are your best sites?


How about magnets was thinking of 2 door magnets one for each side and a tailgate. I would do lettering but this truck is beat up and its black i feel like lettering would look crappy. I plan on getting a nicer truck in a year or two.


@Grizz Sign2day has great quality door magnets. That’s what I was using.


Ill check them out thanks!