Geardrive gearbox updates?

Im gonna pull the trigger and get a gearbox today. Anyone having problems? Is there a a place with a killer deal on them? And lastly is anyone using a shaft adapter to go to the 1-1/8in shaft from the 1in shaft?

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Been using two gear boxes year and 1/2, zero issues. Didn’t need an adapter.


ordered 1.

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What did you end up ordering?

Envirospec for 1 1/8 shaft. I’m not certain, but I believe someone said its made by Allison. Dunno.

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I’m not real sure on all of this but I think John Allison is the name of the guy who originally owned and founded Envirospec. He designed some washers so had the pumps re-branded with his name. I think it was @Patriotspwashing who said he thought their pumps looked like Cat or maybe it was Comet pump. I’m not sure if the same goes for the gear box though. I’ve been using their 7 gpm gear drive and it has been awesome so far.


7gpm version? Looked at them all I thought, snd came to conclusion they were different based on shaft size only.
Unless, I think you mean the pump and geardrive box combo.

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Yeah. I would assume the gear boxes are the same except for shaft size or geared for certain pump speeds.

Allison’s are rebranded Comet pumps

Running 3 of them full time, all day.

Zero issues minus a dirty check valve on one of them.

No idea on hours as I use the dirty predators as well.

I built 2 machines @ 5.5 gpm and 1 machine that’s 7 gpm for $2600 total


Finally another predator believer!!

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Mine was 2 years old this month. It was still running fine but I took it to harbor freight under warranty and got a brand new one for free. Paid $70 for another two year warranty. I’ve had nothing but good luck out of them.


You got a 2 year for $70?

Looked back at my receipt it’s actually 79.99.

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What I mean by Allison is the actual gearbox adapter, not the pump. But when I look back, its under general pump.

I bought a smaller predator for my log splitter. When I was there checking out I was still hesitant on buying it and or a good engine. I was talking to the manager and she told me to buy the one year warranty and trade it in before the year mark, buy another warranty, and do the same in another year. She said they don’t check them because you have to drain the gas and oil when bringing it back. I didn’t plan on doing that and didn’t but that’s just how cheap they get them for. The warranty plan must cost more than the engine.

It’s a “PA” gearbox

So, I ordered 10/17 paid priority mail 2day, nothing yet. Possibly it came in today, Ill have to check . But anyway, I got the 1 1/8 shaft size, turns out my shaft is 1.438in. No gearbox for that motor. I guess Ill use it on my 420cc motor.

It came in today. Is this all there is to it behind the bullgear???

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and no instructions, though Im sure I can figure it out.

Ii also have 2 gear drives from envirospec. Less than a year on them but no issues whatsoever. Good choice.

Install is simple, bolt the plate to your pump with the included longer screws, slide the gear on the pump shaft, with an Allen wrench inserted into the set screw, slide it down until the Allen wrench touches the flange on the plate, then tighten the set screw ( this will set the gear at the proper depth) Bolt the gear box to the plate, then all of it to your engine. Fill it with 90wt and run it!