Do you need rails to support gear driven pump?

I’m putting together a small self built skid. The pump is an Allison TSB5638G. It seems like its a lot of weight hanging off the engine. I see 4 bolt holes on the bottom of the pump. Are you suppose to run rails under the pump for support?

Nope.we run a bracket under our pumps for the adjustment of the belt drives ,But I don’t think you need one as long as it all lines up on the skid ,if not you’ll need a block under your pump to keep it in line with the rest of it.If I’m following you correctly, you cannot have it all just hanging off the power plant, example… motor mounted to skid, gear drive to pump ,pump mounted to skid.

I’d say get the rails and some rubber feet to dampen the vibrations. There’s only 4 bolts holding that pump on. There was a post about this a week or so ago about guys running gear drives with predator engines.


It’s not really the bolts holding the weight of it. It’s the crankshaft that supports everything. The bolts just keep it from sliding off. The 1" shaft is plenty strong to where you won’t have issues. If there was any concern the manufacturers would specify and it would be common knowledge on the forum.

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I have run a gear drive pump for the past 1.5 years with no support rails and no problems.

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I see what your saying but the rails for the udor gear drive i was looking at are like $8 or $10. Probably dont need them but probably wont hurt to have a little more support either.


Mine have rubber pucks under the motor skid only. I get what your saying though. @12_B

No supports on my Udor gear drive… It’s been fine

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Well that’s settled. No rails for gear drives. What gpm pump and motor combination are you running

Udor 5.0 GPM @ 3500 to a Briggs 18 hp

Thank you everyone for the input. I will run it without rails.