Gas powered Diaphragm pump for house wash?

I am playing with the idea of using a diaphragm pump for a house wash rig because they are very high volume. has anyone ever used a “Master Manufacturing 3 Diaphragm Honda GX-APS41 Powered Pump APS41-GR-C”

I have heard horrible things about udor pumps. what is it that breaks on them and would the “Master Manufacturing” pump be any different?

this maybe a horrible idea but i couldn’t find any info any using this for house washing or how long it would last.

thanks in advance

Take a long good look at air. I recently switched over and they are incredible. The air systems are unmatched IMO.

So you’re doing house washes with air now? Tell me about the advantages, if you don’t mind. Thanks

Less chemical usage, lower maintenance, extremely fast, more efficient, smoother, easier, and I believe it provides a better cleaning just to name a few …

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How does air provide a better cleaning? It would put our the same mix ratio as the others “roof” set ups would.

Also what air set up are you running? I just got my 1/2in yamada thats suppose to do 15 gpm, (with my compressors i should be more around 7-9 gpm) but cant get it to flow that high. So i cant imagine doing a house with it.

Allflo ½ with Eaton compressor. You can nozzle down the flo for house washing. I believe it produces better cleanings due to the application process. Better coverage, exact %’s perfect coverage… Downstreaming can’t get high %, 12v can not restrict the flo, I have never used the gas pumps, but after months and months of research I felt the air set up was the right choice. For a 2 man crew one applies chem’s and the other rinses. In and out, off to the next super fast!

I also looked at the air pumps and the design between air and gas seemed very similar. Both ball valve driven diaphragm setups. The only difference is what is pushing the diaphragm. Im not worried about having to rebuild the pump as long as its not more than 1 or 2 times a year. I have 2 of everything on my rig for if one pice of equipment goes down i can still finish the job. Im really curious to try it concitering i can get 2 complete skids for $2400.

I do agree that air is a more tried and proven design but what i am trying to find out here is if the gas driven versions of the air diaphragm pumps have been proven to work good or bad…

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One thing to also consider with the gas pumps is that you can NOT run a proportioner system so you always have to batch mix. I just set up my air pump on the proportioner and i like it (havent used it much though).

I did some reading a while ago on the gas systems and the general consensuses was that they do not hold up as well, especially for roof strength mixes.

Another option would be to run a booster pump, i know a lot of guys who love them.

I know i can nozzle down, im trying to nozzle up to get the most flow. My 1/2 in would take all day to rinse/soap a house. Im still tinkering with it, its brand new.

Really? Thats odd. Perhaps there is an issue? You should have a considerable amount of flow or as little as desired. For applying soap you really don’t even need much flow. I can’t imagine taking more than an hour to do 2000 sq. ft. house.

There doesnt seem to be any air leaks, Ive watched some videos and it actually looks to be about the same flow rate in the videos. Maybe its just the lack of pressure behind it that makes it look like less. I will do a bucket test tomorrow and see what happens.

What compressor are you using, min 6.5 HP?

Harbor freight wheelbarrow 9 gal, 6.5hp, 9cfm @ 90 psi
Im also going to buy a flojet duel pump 10gpm aodd as a back up.

I plan on running this compressor for a while, then upgrade to a 18 cfm wheelbarrow.

I’m running a 1/2" Airflo pump with a 150 psi/18cpm with a 30 gallon tank. I’m using 200’ of 5/8" hose and I can reach a tall 3 story with no problem as long as there is no wind. the entire setup was about $2500. If you want information about air pumps call Lori at Her phone # is 800-519-9279. You can run pure 12% bleach through the pump and don’t even have to rinse it out.

Beware your vendor

How do the air setups compare to a booster? Booster + proportioner seems to be pretty popular with a lot of people right now… im considering it.

Get it. I just got one very similar from a local supplier and it’s awesome! No batteries to charge and the thing gets some serious distance!

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Have you had a bad experience with Pressure Wash Products?

She was run off of one forum for bad mouthing another vendor. She called me personally and cussed me like a sailor when i called her out for watering down her apple fragrance. Some people have good experiences with her but myself and many others have not.

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Thanks, food to know. Personally I’ve had a good relationship with her but
you never know.