Gas powered Diaphragm pump for house wash?


All dealings we have had with her and her dad have been nothing but superior. They actually take time to explain anything you may need help with for your own equipment. Their prices are competitive or better than others. I have not had such informative and caring conversations with ANY of the other suppliers most boards recommend. PWP will continue to be our #1 supplier.


I’ve heard her dad is a pretty nice guy. He didn’t know what she was doing and saying online I believe. Good luck to you


Brett i see youre using the allflow 1/2", how much hw do you go threw on a 2000sq ft house. And are you doing 1% hitting the house


% varies as does the amount. I would say most 2k houses are right around 15-20 gallons of mix


Thank for the reply. Just got a 55 gallon tank was hoping to get 2 houses out of it. Thanks again!


Just experiment with different tips, you should have no problem getting 2-3 houses w/55g