Full Set-Up For Sale

Hi All,

I’ve decided to close my business and focus all of my professional energy on the Fire Service, which is my first love, so I’m selling my power washing setup.

5x8 Carry-On Trailer, Single 5200lb Axle with Brakes (2017) with Clear NC Title

8 gpm x 3500 psi Belt Drive Udor Pump on Honda GX690 (2015…750 Hours) Cold Water

5.5 gpm x 2000 psi Gear Drive Udor Pump on Honda GX390 (2014…250 Hours) (Pull Start with Cobra Cord Rope and Handle) Cold Water

7 gpm Fatboy Roof Pump with Expansion Tank

3/4” Proportioner (Assembled in 2021, and Used Twice)

Hannay Stainless Electric Hose Reel (2021) with 200’ of Goodyear One-Wire Grey Non-Marking Hose with Foster Stainless Fittings (Less Than One Year Old)

200’ of 3/4” Supply Hose (100’ of Flexzilla, and 100’ of Black Mean Green) on Gorilla Reel

200’ of 5/8” Flexzilla Softwash Hose on Gorilla Reel

125 Gallon Buffer Tank

55 Gallon SH tank

8 Gallon Surfactant Tank

8 Gallon Antifreeze Tank, Plumbed to Both Power Washers

48” Whisper Wash Mondo Surface Cleaner (2019…Less Than 40 Hours)

19” Whisper Wash Classic Surface Cleaner (2015…Approximately 150 Hours), 4-Nozzle Bar

5.5 gpm Portable Pump Box with 50’ of 1/2” Flexzilla Hose & Chem Gun

28’ Aluminum Ladder

24’ Aluminum Ladder

16’ Aluminum Ladder

Corner Standoff and Leg Levelers Fit To All Ladders

100’ of Unused Goodyear One-Wire Gray Non-Marking Hose

Multiple Sutner 2315 Spray Guns and Stainless Wands, Multiple M5DS Tips

M5 X-Jet (8gpm) with Pail Setup (Used Once)

Boxes of Spare Fittings

Several Hundred Feet of Spare Supply Hose and Softwash Hose

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

Gutter Cleaning Tools

All Fittings Are Foster Stainless (Some Older Fittings Are Hansen Stainless from Before PressureTek Switched Manufacturers…All Are Compatible)

10x24 Storage Unit Full of this Equipment and Many Additional Items and Supplies, Including a New, Unopened 5 Gallon Pail of Elemonator (Bought 2 Months Ago) and Additional Chemicals (Storage Unit Can Be Rented By Buyer, If Needed)

Maintenance Records Available for All Powered Equipment

All For $10,000 O.B.O.

I will not separate items…buy all or nothing. Please do not ask for prices on individual items.

Please PM me or call me at 828-273-7066

I’ll post pictures of everything later this week.

Thank you!


That’s a lot of good gear, if I was a little closer I would buy it all.


Any pictures of equipment?

I know this is almost a month old, did you end up selling?

Hi haven’t sold yet. I think I’m going to keep it through the end of this season, then sell in the fall.

Thank you!
Jesse - Atlas Services, LLC
Power Washing
Roof Cleaning


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Here are some pictures of the setup and the extra stuff that’s included.

The 8 gpm machine has 766 hours and the 5.5 has about 230 (the hour meter says 106, but it was installed at 125 hours)

Nice little set up. Are you trying to get on somewhere or you already on the job? I run out of a very similar set up, sans the softwash. No chance of you keeping your rig and starting back up at some point? I’ve been washing for 19 of the 26 years I’ve put in the fire service. Good luck to you in whatever route you choose.

Thanks for the reply.

I have thought about keeping my business, but I’d rather help at the academy or do some other teaching for additional income. I’m planning on keeping this setup through the end of this season and then making a firm decision after that, but I’ll probably sell if someone comes along with the money.

@PRSWash where are you located? I always like to network with other firefighters.

Richmond Va

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I used to deliver pizza from the domino’s on Laburnum back around 1986.

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Do you work for Richmond FD?

I’m sorry…lol

Yes I do

I lived in Hopewell but the Richmond stores always need help and paid a $20 bonus each night. Some cat pulled a gun on me on the sidewalk, took all my dominos money, gave me one of those lollipop suckers on a ring and told me he wasn’t stealing because I had bought the ring from him. I went back to dominos and they said we were to busy to call the cops and I went back to delivering. Crazy times.

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Nice…Seems like that’s a good department. Nice area too.

Are you also selling your client list , website , phone , google reviews ? Or just equipment?

If someone local buys the equipment I’ll discuss selling the website, list, etc. If not, I have someone in mind to give my client list to.

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Hi Everyone,

I’m bumping this thread because I have decided to close up my business and be done with it before the spring season starts. This asking price of the equipment is the same, but there’s now and additional 200’ of Kevlar hose included as well.

Please call or PM me if you’re interested.

Thank you!

It looks like a good deal and we would snatch it up but we are presently looking for a truck setup…good luck though :+1:

Thank you. For whatever it’s worth to you, this setup could very easily be dismounted from the trailer and converted to a truck bed setup. I actually designed it with moving it to a truck bed later on in mind.