Fresh Wash from PowerWash.Com

For the past few weeks I’ve been using Fresh Wash from PowerWash.Com as my main surfactant in my house washing mix for downstreaming. I have to say I’m really impressed. Don’t let the price fool you. The Fresh Wash goes a long way. I’m using about 5 oz of Fresh Wash in a 5 gallon mix. With that ratio, a 5 gallon pail of Fresh Wash will yield enough mix to wash 128 homes.

What I like most about the Fresh Wash is that I have decreased the amount of bleach (12.5%) in the mix to nearly half. I’m only using about 1.5 gallons of 12.5% for the average sized house now. This is made possible because the Fresh Wash has ingredients that actually boost the cleaning power of the bleach. So not only are you saving money by not using as much 12.5%, you also don’t smell the 12.5% as much. The Fresh Wash has a nice scent that helps to take that bleach smell out of the air.

If you SoftWash - you’re missing out if you’re not using Fresh Wash!

That’s your downstreaming ratio?
Have you tried it for roof cleaning?

I’m testing a sample with a slight variation on it now. That’s my first experience and it’s very positive so far. I used some way old bleach down streaming house wash and tried it without and then with the Fresh Wash. It definitely amped up the cleaning power.
I’ll test it by diluting some hot stuff next.

My ratio is 1.5 gallons of bleach, 3.5 gallons of water, and 5 ounces of Fresh Wash. Then I downstream. Before using Fresh Wash, I was using 3-4 gallons of bleach, 2-1 gallon of water, and a custom surfactant I source locally. Cutting bleach use in half is a huge deal.

I have tried the Fresh Wash on the roofs, and the jury is still out. I believe I will be using the Fresh Wash along with Roof Snot. I do not believe the Fresh Wash is thick enough to give the hang that is needed for roofs, but I will continue to use it so I can use less 12.5% in my mix. I will add Roof Snot to give the hang.

The last roof I cleaned was small but dirty. I used 10 gallons of bleach and 30 gallons of water to give me a 40 gallon mix. This was a 25% ratio which is on the weaker side for roofs. I added roughly 30 ounces of Fresh Wash. This roof cleaning mix worked great, and once applied the roof quickly became fuzzy while from the chemical reaction with the algae. I believe I could have decreased the 12.5% even more and good results. I’ll be trying that soon.

The 5% discount for members from is going to come in handy!

I’ll be trying Fresh Wash out tomorrow. Roof Cleaning and house wash.

I am liking the Fresh Wash as well. I haven’t tried using less 12% though. Guess I haven’t wanted to re wash any houses. Maybe I will try with less bleach on my next wash.

I just purchased F-13 for awning cleaning (as advised by Bob of Pressure Tek). Any results or mix ratios recommended for vinyl and cloth awnings for Fresh Wash? sells great awning cleaning supplies.
I would use those instead of trying to adapt a product that is great at a different thing.

The fresh wash was intended to be used with SH. And all of our testing has been performed by contractors. So far I am not aware of anyone using it to clean awnings. I would make sure if you are using bleach to clean an awning that it conforms with the manufactures cleaning recomendations. And Thad is correct we do carry awning cleaning products.

We used the Fresh Wash for the first time today on a roof cleaning. Very good hiding of the sh scent. We used a 45 gal 30% mix adding 30 ozs of Fresh Wash. Overall very pleased with the product. On the next roof I will go up to 1 oz per gallon of mix to see if we can get better cling.

Heard lots of good things about this product. I will order some. Will save money on bleach

I need a sample of this fresh wash stuff I keep hearing about.

And don’t forget that PWRA members get a 5% discount on Fresh Wash and all other products!


So does the fresh wash replace the simple cherry?

I have been a devout Simple Cherry user since it came out but it’s looking like this is going to replace it for a lot of people.

So if you use 5oz every wash, roughly 128 houses, simple cherry is what how much each house? i cant imagine just 5 oz mask the smell of bleach that well. Im just curious which one comes out cheaper!..being a small company i cant afford to try everything on the market.

thanks for your input guys!

Im still using simple cherry for house washes. If you mix 16 ozs by volume in a 5 gal mix, I think it costs me around $3.00 per mix.For 5 ozs of fresh wash my cost would be around $1.00. Remeber the reason for adding sc or fw is not primarily to cover the smell of the bleach. everyones cost vary because of shipping and sales tax.

I am using 4 oz in a five gallon mix. I does mask smell better but that wasn’t a concern for me as I preach bleach to customers. The cost savings is better. The lack of dealing with a powder is nice as well. I love Bob and Simple Cherry, but this is now my go to house wash. I am actually working on a private label mix we have been working on a while but never seem to have much time to work out the details. Plus, trying to get my resource to get a better price that I can pass on to folks.

Pastor Michael Kreisle of First Baptist Sodium Hypochlorite.

Have you tried lowering your bleach concentration, Michael K?