Free sidewalk cleaning for a school

OK I put this under marketing but may not be right for it.

OK so my kids school has asked if any parents would be willing to help pressure wash their sidewalks for free. I was looking at maybe offering my services, thoughts? I was looking at this opportunity as free advertisement. Wanted to see what you guys thought. Is this something any of you would do? What’s y’alls thoughts?

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I would say go for it. I do some local churches for free ( not because I attend them, or because I’m a good Samaritan, but because its a good tax write off and keeps my main guys busy during the off season. My deal with them is that they put in a good word for me in they’re monthly news letter. It always turns into at least a couple good paying jobs.

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If it was my kid, I would do it for free. Usually that’s what school maintenance does. Im a little surprised they would ask for help knowing most parents don’t have liability insurance.

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I donate to churches…however, I would donate to a private school.

I already have enough taken away from me for public schools…I ain’t giving’em anything.

My only worry is that there would be other parents out there with their pressure washer from Lowe’s and they make it look like crap. I’m all for doing only bc my kids go there. But there again it’s hunting season :joy:

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Ya the idea of working with a bunch of amateurs isnt ideal. If other parents wanted to help maybe they’d be willing to rent some equipment then have you instruct them on the process. If you’re not sure that you’re into it then I doubt there’s anything we can say to really sway you…

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I had my wife send them a email back asking for more information. If I could get my name in there before others get a chance to maybe they can let others now they have it taken care of. Maybe when they see I have the right equipment they would just let me do myself for the advertisement.

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You sure when they asked if any “parents” were willing to help pressure wash their sidewalks, they werent just asking you to do it? Haha. Depending on whether or not they knew you did this type of stuff, of course.

If it’s not some gargantuan undertaking, yeah i think it would be a great marketing thing… but i would specify that it’s only you that does it, and then try to get them to put a sign up near the entrance, or in ad in their newsletter or something… website link… school board meeting mention or ad… anything like that.


@tireshark Yea I was thinking about the yard sign idea, maybe their website with some pics of it being done.

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Just mentioning that you do this for a living should be enough. If you have to put in any more work than that, or compete with random parents, than forget about it. I don’t know where you live but in my area id be “competing” with prob 5-10 dads with way too much $ and time.

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All I really have to do respond back letting them know I do this kind of work that I have the equipment to do it and I’m willing to offer my help. Just didn’t know if others did this kind of free work for advertising. I mean the school is like not even 5 mins from my house. I really appreciate yalls input.

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I don’t know about where you live but here parents drop off the biggest percentage of children verses buses. If you have the time and a wrapped trailer you might ask if you can park it out in front of the school where the parents que up to pick up and drop kids off. That would reinforce the newsletter with good visual tool for the Mom’s. If I am done early I sometimes park my rig near a stop sign that has people backed up for extended times in the evening. It generates calls. Just a thought and good luck with it.


Seems like a great idea if it’s not a huge amount of free work. I’m sure they will give you some free advertising for it plus it’s always nice to help schools. I do some free stuff for a few community outreach programs in Youngstown near me. The guys in charge seem greatful but it’s nice to help make thing look a little better in a struggling rustbelt town. Im doing my first free VFW friday. I forget who it was but someone else was talking about it here and it was an awesome idea.

Yeah and it makes you feel good to do something for others. I did a fence rebuild and stain for Korean War Vet last year with 22Kill. The city was about to condemn his fence (rightfully so, it was elevated and about to fall into the alley) and start fining him. We fixed it in a weekend. It was a well spent weekend.


Domt forget about the write off.

What’s on the side walks?

Chalk and pudding

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I did my local VFW/American Legion.

I have donated a lot of work…I just choose to give mine to those that are not on the government teat.


I knew it was someone here. Awsome job on it sir. Your an inspiration and I hope others follow as well!

That’s all good advice… @Greg755 I haven’t really paid attention to it when iv been there but I’m gonna ride by in the morning… I’m sure it’s probably just dirt, gum, and like @Sharpe Said chalk and pudding lol…

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