Free sidewalk cleaning for a school

Those dastardly things that break your momma’s back

Someone fetch me my pipe…

Gave estimate on a Church job Monday, they just called back and said they want the job done but only have $400 in the budget and i quoted them $550.

He asked that i do what i can for $400, which will be the main area needing cleaned.

Remembering this thread, Im thinking about doing the rest of it as a donation. What documentation will i need from them for tax purposes? Ive never donated in this way.

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The tax write off is nothing. Maybe they put you in the church news letter for the next 4 issues to make up the difference. Also they allow you to video tape and\or take photos to use on your website
Remeber people of the church will see your work and if the church says you did a good job well who can argue with a federal from God…


Greg is right. The IRS doesn’t care about donation of services, only goods.Just see if maybe they will put your name out there to their Parishoners and hopefully you get some work to make up for it. Otherwise, hey, you made $400.

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Use it as a tax write off and make sure they let you keep a permanent sign on site! great advertising. I do my local police station and chamber of commerce. I write them off at the end of every year.

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As @Greg755 and @NewGuy89 said the MAN dont give a $#|+ about your services… they only acknowledge the cost of materials to do the job. Now with that said, if you send an employee and pay that employee to do that job, you cant write it all off.

If I was writing off portion of job from today, id be lucky if it was $2.00 worth of materials.