Free labor to a soft/roof wash teacher in the north MS area

Hi everyone. I recently started a pressure washing business in the North Mississippi area and I’ve been mostly doing friends and family work so far but have had a few door to door successes with satisfied clients. I’m pretty confident in my ability to wash concrete, but when it comes to chemicals I feel like I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping I don’t screw anything up. I did this gazebo DSing store bought 8% bleach and the owner was very happy,

but today while doing a housewash and struggling to remove some mold I realized that I don’t really know what I’m doing. I don’t want to be the hack that ends up getting sued for damages and I’m serious about the business. If anyone in the area is willing to teach me proper soft wash technique I’m offering my labor. Willing to drive a few hours so anyone around Memphis, Birmingham, Jackson or possibly a bit further. I’m a quick learner!


Smart move, wish more people had the sense to do that.- Good luck with your business.

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I’d probably drive to Memphis for BBQ for lunch and a chat. Kansas City BBQ a couple times a month is getting old. :wink:

I was in the same boat earlier this year. I drove 4 hours and stayed a couple nights to learn from a guy. Helped me a lot.


I could get on board with that. Can’t go wrong with bbq in Memphis!

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I’m heading to NC in February. Don’t know the actual date yet. But I’ll plan to spend half a day in Memphis on my way out since I’m passing right through.

If that’s something you’re interested in message me your name and phone number. In the meantime, you could probably find most of your questions answered in the search bar, try it all out for yourself, and you wouldn’t have to drive to Memphis to buy me lunch. :slight_smile:

I’m still stopping for Memphis bbq regardless.

Just don’t stop in west memphis…cus you’ll get shot

Where abouts in nc you headed? I’m out on the coast if your headed this way i can show you around

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Wherever IBS is making me wash apartments. Lol

Unless schedule changes I have 3 in Winston Salem and one in Hickory for February if weather cooperates

I’m on the fence about going to the ICE expo in Vegas on the 1st of February and the cheapest flight gets me back on Sunday. So I’d say the week of the 12th or the 19th works for me if either works for you.

Hmmm a party in February… I may have to come down,and crash it, maybe install some toilets… God knows this place will be frozen over…

Pick me up on the way down. I’ll bring the wild turkey!

Cheer wine is about the strongest thing for me

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@Innocentbystander ill trade you a case of cheerwine and a can of spam if you’ll let me come work along side you and learn a thing or two

You’ll get better BBQ in NC or SC

I can’t speak on Carolina bbq but I know it’s hard to beat Memphis style!

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I gotta agree with @DarthHelmet. If by Carolina BBQ you mean the orange sauce stuff I’ll always default to molasses and liquid smoke. :slight_smile:

No orange sauce here. And BBQ is a noun not a verb. Bbq is pig with vinegar on it. Anything else is just meat cooked on a grill. May be good, but it ain’t bbq.

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Carolina Vinegar based BBQ is the only way to eat a sandwhich. That tomato based stuff isnt for me.

All those fancy sauces just ruin perfectly good meat. Ribs, only a dry rub for me.

Id be lying if i said i knew exactly how memphis, kansas city, texas, or Egyptian bbq differed… but i do know ive gone my whole life eating the good stuff. Cole slaw and texas pete all i need.

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