For those of you with employees

How do you handle payroll? I just hired someone and would rather not 1099. I think it would be better for an employee to not have to come up with money at the end of the year/quarter/etc. I have an ADP rep in my BNI group but would like to know my options before I go with them. I’d like it to be cost effective and straight forward. Any advice appreciated.

Check with your accountant. That is who does ours

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My cpa doesn’t do it

I use gusto. It’s $40/month plus $6/employee for the basic full service plan.


That’s the best option after a brief 10 minute search. Any complaints?

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But surely they must have a recommendation?

Some banks offer it, too. But our cpa was cheaper

Not trying to be a jerk here, but 1099 vs employee is not a matter of preference or convenience. The IRS has clear guidelines on who can qualify as a sub, and who is considered an employee.

It’s good to hear that you want to do it the right way :wink:

Good to know. Didn’t realize that.

Cheaper then Gusto? 45 seems reasonable.

$45 sounds reasonable. We pay $42/month for 2 employees (my wife and I) with direct deposit once a month.

We use Frank Crum.

We had ADP but they no longer provided workmen’s comp for pressure washing so we switched.

I’d like to find another provider that give us WC to clean roofs.

I asked FC about it, this is their email:

"I have checked with our Underwriting team, and we would need to add a 5551 roofing code to your account, but would need some additional information in order to be able to assess the risk exposure before we would be able to provide you with the rate. It’s important to note that certain risks often have minimums charges associated with them. This 5551 roofing code would require a minimum workers’ compensation charge of $350 per week. It would also increase the Lost Time Claim Fee to $1750 (which would only apply and come into play if there was a claim).

If you want to proceed with obtaining the rate for the roof cleaning, we will need the following information:

  1.   Will their employees be getting on the roof or will they use extension poles?
  2.   What is the max height exposure?
  3.   What fall protection systems do they have in place?

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything additional, and I will be happy to assist.

Thank you,"

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It’s not difficult. the IRS has a scale to calculate how much to withhold. you can do it yourself with no problems but if you had a lot of employees then I’d hire someone to do it

With hold it then what? I’m sure there’s more to it. I’m trying to simplify things

Then make payments on your state’s website and the IRS website. But yeah, payroll service is well worth it for most business owners.

Back when I did it I mailed it in but I’m sure it can be done online now. Clay is trying to establish credit so I’m about to start withholding on him so he’ll have proof of income

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Patriot Software…$30 a month. Super easy, they do everything for you. All you need to do is get a unemployment insurance number from your state (Patriot will tell you the number to call to get one)

They are awesome!

They also work with a insurance company for workmems comp which is really good priced


You login, click run payroll…enter in the dates, hours worked, and wage. They do the rest, withhold all federal, state social security, Medicare, unemployment insurance…they also deduct your half of Medicare and social security from your bank acct… they direct deposit to the employee.

They hold ur payroll taxes, and your employees in an escrow and they pay the federal govt and state every quarter.

It’s honestly the best $30 I spend every month, I couldn’t imagine doing all that myself.

End of year they mail a W-2 to employees and into the IRS


When you run payroll, the insurance company is linked with Patriots, they know your payroll for that week and base workman’s comp off of that and auto deduct from your acct.

Getting signed up for workmen’s comp took about ten minutes and had a certificate in 2 days.


I emailed them,

Their reply:

" Unfortunately, Patriot Software does not provide Workers Compensation coverage, except for the Workers Comp payroll requirements in Washington state and Wyoming.

But, if you are interested in payroll or accounting software, please feel free to reach out to me by responding to this email! You can also contact our team via online chat from our website or by calling 877-968-7147 . Anyone who answers your call or chat would be happy to help!

We are available 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (EST), Monday - Friday.

Customer Success Team
(877) 968-7147, option 1"

Wish I would have read you post first lol.