Flexzilla supply hose and mold

I am seeing plenty of purchaser’s of the neon green flexzilla supply (garden) hose that mold. Anyone have comment or care to share experience with this brand supply hose? Thanks in advance.

I hadnt heard of that before, but i went to amazon and searched the reviews for ‘mold’, and yeah i see quite a few complaints about it.

I would ‘assume’ that most of those people have them laying around their yard, and aren’t using them everyday… so i wouldn’t let that deter you from using them. Most pressure washers keep them on reels, and use them every single day for hours… mold probably wouldn’t have time to set in… and if it did, just squirt it with your housewash mix. :grin:

These hoses are highly regarded in our industry… @racer loves them, and has turned several people on to them, and i haven’t seen anyone complain.

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I noticed that as well and I found many users indicated that bleach did not remove the mold.
Ironic indeed for this industry.
I may just go for the Walmart and replace every three years…who knows…

Since you are new to all this, I understand why you might want to do that… but in regards to their viability for use in a pressure washing business, i would consider Racer’s opinion much more relevant than that of a soccer mom out in Iowa.

Nothing against Iowa. :grin:

Here, check out what he had to say about them in this video:

(Starts at 11:35, if the timestamp doesn’t work)

@squidskc started using them, and he loves them.

I plan on getting some, i just haven’t gotten around to ordering it yet. Russ Johnson at Southside Equipment sells them in 3/4" now, if you want the big stuff.


Your water hose is first thing off the trailer and last thing on so they get hit with some kind of mix every day, so I haven’t seen any mold obviously. Mine look the same after 2+ years. I like mine so much that I’ve started switching over all my yard hoses. Still got a couple more to go before I’m 100% Flexilla. But so far no mold.

They’re not perfect. The o’ring washer sometimes need to be augmented with regular washer but very rarely. They don’t have a slick surface, so don’t slide as easy as some through the grass, but the lite weight makes up for that. The aluminum ends can get scraped up when dragged across concrete, but this is cosmetic issue and you can order the ones with the different ends.

I never have a kinking problem. Read the directions and completely unroll and stretch out before you put on your hose reel. Been using for over 2 years and just ordered some more last week for my house. Everyone in our business who has it loves it


@tireshark, thanks for posting @Racer 's video. He’s been coaching me about my softwash system and warned against 90 degree angles and switches.That video is just what I needed to revamp a lame setup. Thanks to you both!


@tireshark Hey, i think the 3/4 flexilla hose being sold by Southside Equipment is flexilla’s regular garden hose. shown here http://www.flexzilla.com/water/garden-hose/ and if you notice the size of that hose does go up to 3/4’


then they sell the “Pro Water Hose”. shown here http://www.flexzilla.com/water/premium-water-hose/ and those sizes only go up to 5/8’.

With that all being said, is their a real difference in the actual hose material between the 2? because if its just the fancy ends and the hose itself is the same, We should all switch to the regular 3/4 flexilla garden hose. Can anyone shed some light on this. maybe @Racer can speak to the quality and durability.

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It’s just a different end, which if you ever needed to you can buy separately.


awesome. good to know. Btw are you still on 12v or have you gone to booster pump? @Racer

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12v still


I do love the flexzilla hoses. I took these pics last week for you and forgot to add them. Like someone said above they get used all day everyday, but since they get stored for the winter they get maintained.

I’m a fanatic about maintenance so all my hoses come off the reels. Get soaked in water and degreaser, washed and hand wiped, replace the o ring whether it needs it or not, and hung up in big loops so they get air.

This is my first season with the flexzilla hoses, but I haven’t noticed any mold.

Some say it’s too much. I say I don’t care. I like the process of maintenance and the things I own last for a long time.


You’re not fooling us. You’re just happy you found a use for those Velcro straps we all have but can’t figure out what to do with


Lol I love these things. And the big neon twist ties.


And wire brushes… holy smokes I love wire brushes.

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me too

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Love gear ties… i keep them stashed all over the place. Caught them in bargain cave at Cabelas for $.88 per pack for small up to a whopping $1.88 for the largest single pack.

Wish i could get that deal again.

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You do need a menards. :slight_smile: the biggest ones are like $14/pack at Home Depot, but menards ran a rebate on them probably 6 months ago and I got them for $5/pack.

They sell this too for $2.99. You cut it to length for the small stuff.

You should be careful using those for ladders. Inside is a wire and after much twisting the wire breaks and only the plastic coating is holding everything together. It happened to me and quit using them for ladders.


I see moldy Flexzilla hose all the time laying in customer yards. I have 100’ hanging on the back of my house and no mold issues. I think it has to do with laying in the grass or on the ground.

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$2.99??? Wtf.

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