Flexilla water hose

What is the difference between the Pro and non-pro water hose? The one difference I noticed is the flexible spring at the end of the hose. Also, it I am using a 4 gpm PW is it necessary to go with a 3/4" water hose or is 5/8" more than enough? I am looking to buy 100’.


The Flexilla Pro just has reusable ends. You can go 5/8". That’s plenty for a 4gpm.

Don’t waste your money on Flexzilla. It crushes flat on the reel. You have to pull all the hose off to get good flow.

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What was the hose you recommended

I carry 25’ and 50’ of ZeroG and 100’ of Flexzilla.


Thanks for the feedback.

That’s why I use the zero g hose. It lays flat on the reel and takes up less space. My garden hose reels are just for storage though.


That’s a good use of the hose reel. A youtuber had the same issue with hoses being compressed while on the hose reel causing cavitation and since discontinued using it, but using one for storage is a good idea, especially a 100’ hose. The Flexilla is supposed to be light weight and that’s why I am interested in the 100’ because I don’t plan to use it on a hose reel. What’s your thoughts on the weight claim?

I also have the 2x 50’ ZeroG hoses and they caused cavitation with my machine and I had to go back to a regular style hose (have a post on this a few years ago). Perhaps with ZeroG hoses you have to step up the next size. What size ZeroG do you use?

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Is the zero g better than flexzilla? On amazon it is a little more than flexzilla, but I am sure you get different pricing for volume orders from your supplier.

The other solution to the flattened hose is this:

Garden hose ball valve on the end of the hose, to keep some pressure in the line when you reel it up.

It also really comes in handy to eleminate a drippy hose when I need to hook up inside a garage/basement, or even a a washing machine tap.


It’s probably a good idea to get a buffer tank. You never have to worry about cavitation unless you let your tank run dry.

If I wasn’t using a hose reel I think I’d use that zero g stuff. It would be the easiest and lightest to put away. You could wrap it around your hand and elbow like an extension cord and throw it in a bag or bucket.

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I have a small PW (4 gpm) and no tanks. The issue was the hose not having enough volume because as soon as I hooked up the old hose the problem went away. I agree that they are very easy to work with and that is why I am looking for something with a similar build, but wont’ cause me any heartaches.

Sounds good. Thanks for that tip.

They have a “pro” version that is 3/4".

All I’ve seen is the 5/8", even on their website.

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I use the zero g hoses as well and my only
Issue with it is if you are still rolling the washer around, it likes to kink quite a bit. Gotta manage the hose quite often.

It is very easy to roll up with the hand elbow method. But I will be going to Flexilla once I start my build with a reel. Unless I find another hose that seems better

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I’m one of the many on here who use Flexilla and I’m a fan. That especially goes for cooler weather when most hoses start getting stiff. Flexilla doesn’t at all. I don’t run through the reel and just have sections connected together with camlocks. I am going to add a few shorter sections instead of using two 100’ sections. I can’t tell you how many times I only needed an extra 5’ and had to unroll the whole 100’. I need to just run it through the reel and do the ball valve method that Alex uses.

I upgraded about a month ago from a 100ft never kink garden hose to two of the 50ft flexillas 5/8” ID. I don’t use a reel, still coil them by hand but it is a huge improvement over my old hose as it is much lighter, rolls up easier, and takes up much less space. And the swivel ends are a dream to use.

Oh, I though you were talking about the Flexilla hose. Thanks