Fixing These Streaks

I have a 4,000 PSI 3.5 GPM pressure washer. I just bought a 20 inch surface cleaner. When I went to wash a driveway I had streaks in the rows I did. Some claim it is “overlapping” where the disc is washing twice in the middle. I did not pre-treat or Post-treat. The nozzles are 25020 stock. How can I get rid of these streaks!?!
I know there are other topics on this, but the more I read the more confused I get on it…
The Surface Cleaner I use:
the Pressure Washer I use:



@Wash-Warriors your worried about the streaks only??


I’m assuming this is the before picture.

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It’s the after picture just wasn’t totally dry

Ok what surface cleaner are you using? Are you sure the jets are not clogged? Why didn’t you pre treat.

It’s the link in original post if you want to see it. 20 inch disk, the nozzles say 25020. I’m pretty sure they aren’t clogged the machine had only been used one before this job. Do you pre-treat with SH? or what mix do you use?

Just post treat it. 50/50 mix sh(bleach)/water.

@Wash-Warriors use a smaller surface cleaner 20 inch is too big for a 3.8gpm. Pre treating heavily to compensate for poor equipment choice.

Goat urine pretreat


You need a 16 inch sc, 2502 and walk snail speed, pre wet concrete. Go side to side.

No offense but that driveway looks like doo doo, hope you didn’t charge $$


The link you put up is for a 8gpm unit I was assuming that was the wrong link. Just follow racers video. Definitely either buy correct surface cleaner or bigger machine. Is that a oil spot or organic stain

Gpm is king. Not pressure. General rule of thumb, you want 1gpm for every 4” of surface cleaner size. Your 3.5 or whatever needs a 12”-16” surface cleaner. Those little red/orange ones at Home Depot would work better for yours. The only thing actually clean on that driveway is the streaks.

Truly the pretreatment of champions.

Well, the small disc I have says a max of 3300 psi. My pressure washer is 4000 psi wouldn’t that break it?

No it will not

Only Grade A though. That cheaper stuff’s got boomer pee in it and that stuff’s loaded with too many prescription drugs and supplements to be any good.


I bought a bleach that is 6% SH, will that be good enough to finish this up? thanks

that was the right link, it is a max of 8GPM that’s why it says that. are you suggesting the disc is so big and that’s why it made the streaks?

If you pour it on undiluted as a post treat. Proper way to fix that, all jokes aside, is to rewash with the correct size surface cleaner.