First time with surface cleaner!

Did this driveway didn’t think it came out to good look like black streaks still in the driveway … first time using my surface cleaner can u guys give

many any pointers??? Felt like I just keep moving the dirt around and the dirt would not run down the driveway

What kind of equipment are you using?

Im new too, but ive read that a lot of people pre-treat and post-treat driveways. Did you try that? If i remember right, i think some people DS/x-jet/12v a house or roof mix before they clean, then surface clean and rinse with wand, then some people spray the mix again and dont rinse.

Classic surface cleaner 2 sprayer not 4… and a 5.6gpm 2500 psi pressure washer …

I downstream 12oz ebc half gal sh 12% and 1 and half gallon of water…

Stripes are most likely from overlap. I tend to get them if I just go in a straight line pattern too. I have found if I go in like a side to side half moon pattern I don’t get the stripes.

Post treat with roof mix and you’re good to go. With those pebble drives have to rinse pretty often while you’re cleaning, otherwise dirt just gets trapped a lot

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I don’t have a roof mix right now… that will be my next item to add … so I can start cleaning roofs… right now I can only do house and driveways… etc:.

Can post treat with a back pack or pump up sprayer, want at least 3% mix. Do a couple of driveways like that and you won’t be able to buy a roof pump fast enough, lol

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What does a post treatment do?? Also what do u mean by 3 % mix?

If you have SH, you have a roof mix. Just mix it with water, and add a surfactant (soap). You can buy fancy ones, but lots of guys just use liquid dish soap. Original Scent Green Liquid Gain Dishwashing Soap is thought to be the best by many.

Post treatment just sits there and eats the mold and mildew, i believe… diminishes the black stripes.

3% is just the strength of the mix. 3% is considered high, and is generally only used for roofs and concrete. Google softwash calculator, and there are some calculators that will let you put in your desired percentage, and it will tell you how to mix it.

If you wanted 10 gallons of a 3% mix, using 12.5% SH, you would mix 7.5 gallons of water, 2.5 gallons of SH, and 5 oz of Gain. Dont downstream this though, apply it with a pump up sprayer or a 12v pump… that way it wont get diluted.

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2.5 gallons of sh to 7.5 gallons of water seems to me kinda of a weak mix… my house wash mix I am using is 3 gal sh 2 gal h20 and 5 oz soap… with that house mix I downstream tho…

What part of Tireshark’s instruction did you not understand?


Try to apply a foaming agent to help lift the dirt from the porous concrete. Also rinse driveway directly after surface cleaning, otherwise the dirt/debri will settle right back in the pore’s of the concrete. This will help you to save time and money.

I found from here going in full circles will cut down on the streaking,
i put a post on streaking not to long ago…

and you clean side ways you don’t see the streaks less you standing that way…

So for a 4 gallon pump sprayer put in 2 1/2 gallons of SH and 1 1/2 gallons of water???
Let it set 15min??

Yeah I read that… with that mix ratio he is making a 10 gallons mix … I don’t need that much maybe a gallon or two if that … so what would be a good gallon post treatment mix???

You’d use the same principle Tireshark talked about, but a smaller batch. Look up a softwash calculator or do the ratios yourself to figure out how to get 2%~3% SH out of whatever size pump up sprayer you have.

How many sq. Ft do you need to post treat?

I sq foot of the driveway is 1500

Ok so I tried finding a house wash mix calculator… only one I could find was 65 bucks tried doing the math couldn’t really figure it out

So if I wanted a post 3% mix for a 2 gallon pump spray how would I do the mix ?? Thanks