First thread - diy truck bed build

I think I’m headed in a good direction. What are ya’lls thoughts?

All materials only cost about $100.

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Oh untreated OSB not gonna hold up to well.

Use pressure-treated plywood and throw some solid paint on it

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Definitely replace the plywood. I’d make the skid the same size as your truck bed so you secure everything to it. It’s also going to be a pain to reel up your hoses with them placed like that imo.

You have been watching that Dan guy on youtube haven’t you? Should work though. Maybe find one of those plastic pallets?

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throw it all in the rubbish and start again. That reel Holder will not last very long at all, needs a bigger base, those bolts holding it will pull through too much weight at the top. A gx390 bolted down to a piece of wood, never going to work. Build a proper steel skid with rubber absorbers for the engine.


Well, the feedback is bold. Appreciate the constructive criticism.

This was my first test fit for placement. The angle iron hose reel is getting additional bracing on it. It will hold a small car up when done. The osb was not the greatest idea I admit but it will be coated for sure. I was planning on building a box(toolbox) in the back near the cab to hold chemicals.

The ultimate goal of this cheap skid is to get the equipment paid off and build a custom aluminum one. I have access to a shop where I can work on it. @SurfaceTherapy not going to lie, I did the get the original idea from him.

Hopefully it turns out more functional than loaded and unloading everything every weekend.

Keep the critiques coming. All ideas are welcome.

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The info that guy puts out is no good. It’s much more than spray rinse and walk away. Luckily you’re here and will learn the proper way. Also, you’re already getting good advice and seem that you are stuck on your way of doing this. Replacing the plywood would literally cost you $20.

How much hose is on the hose reel?

100ft of each. I have another 100ft of each if needed in a bundle.

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Warnings of the osb are recieved. I will plan to build a metal one sooner than later.

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@KevinC Have you already secured insurance coverage? Is your business fully formed? Have you taken care of the paperwork side of things before you went and spent all this money on equipment?

Supply shud be enuf for residential… you will need that extra 100-125 ft pressure hose.

Thats general pump reel? If so dont expect a long life span with it plumbed.

And what is this roof shampooing with a SC? Sounds like a terrible idea

What are you referring to? What did I miss lol

Not picking on him at all… Seems like he knows terrible idea and plenty of info here to help avoid SC on a roof.

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My buddies roofing company bought a roof cleaning set up, they use “green” not sh chemicals and in order for it to be effective they still a surface cleaner on the roof. I have been reading alot about soft washing and trying to get them to convert. Need a little more time so they can see it’s worth it to switch.

Not yet. I have filed the paper work for my DBA, but have not gotten it back. I have only done driveways so far and have been working under a roofing company so I covered with their insurance. Once my filing is granted I plan to shop around for insurance. What other paper work are you referring too?

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My profile lol. I was introduced to exterior cleaning by a friend and his roofing company offering roof cleaning if a full replacement is not needed. The promo video of a guy walking up and down a roof with a sc brought me to the forums, which presented much more effective and safe ways to clean a roof.

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Insurance, LLC or other formation, business licensing and whatever else may apply for your area. I’ve never heard of a roofing company carrying insurance for pressure washing but that’s cool if they do.

Shingled roofs?