First roof cleaning, no bueno

First mix batching of 20 gallons, 6 gallons of 12.5 sh and the rest h20

I’m pretty sure I know what you did wrong. But tells about how you did it first

Haha is it that obvious I’m a rookie. Much respect to you guys. I’m trying to get hands on and troubleshooting experience under my belt.

Used a 12v pump with 200 kurtec hose and a softwash wand and tip spray. 26 gallon tank filled with 6 gallons of 12.5 sh and 14 gallons of water for 20 gallons total. Didn’t use it all of course

It was my mixing?

Do you have a photo of it was before?

No just a really bad pic

What made you mix this ratio? What were you hoping to achieve percentage strength wise?

3% was I close?

I tun mine 50/50


Aren’t you nervous about having to fix and repair that now?

I clean stucco with around 3%, 50/50 is my go to mix as well on every roof (metal roofs a little less). Easier to mix as well any container/tank you have half sh half water and spray. No measuring.


It’s not damaged, it’s just not clean.

People don’t use high pressure when cleaning roofs. You have 3 hours read time and have created a bunch of posts. Spend some time doing some research here.


It’s my roof, an older guest house that never gets used.
Hopefully I get better at it and i can clear it up and make it look better the second time.

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Some do or at least I have seen some videos of a guy in a roof with a surface cleaner

Oh, I though it was damaged

Not that bad then


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Those guys are estupido. No good my Spanish brother.


:joy::joy::joy: It was close, you have to just add an “s” because it’s plural and if you are a pro also an accent. “estúpidos”

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