First paying fence, clarification?

I’ve experimented on my own fence using my xjet and SH, but all it did was lighten it some and the black blotches from years of neglect made it look like a messed up zebra.:laughing:

This paying job is a friend’s fence, probably 100’ long and I don’t want to screw it up. So far I’ve read:

3% SH
Rinse and rinse


Vinegar/citric acid etc

I can’t seem to nail down a definite plan of action, so if you wood guys could clarify I’d appreciate it.

Oh and I plan to put together a portable 12v on a cart, gives me an excuse to finally get one.


The route you did will still require 1,000 psi and using a wand on the entire thing.

Or you could use what I use to do… but I got yelled at on here for giving people bad ideas that are “dangerous” It May require some pressure depending on the condition of the wood

Hottest SH you can find…XJet with no proportioner, 2 cups Isoporpyl Alcohol, and a couple squirts Orange Ajax dish soap per 5 mix.

I can’t believe that fence is changing color that fast.

I do the percarbonate method with citric acid, use 800-1000 PSI. I’ve had good success with it, if you have heavy algae or lichen, you may have no choice to use SH. I don’t get those often so…for me, I try to avoid SH on unpainted wood. Or at least high % SH if I can avoid.


The key is to prep in right. Wet it down real good then let it dry to the point where if you spray water on it you could see ya know. You want the first few mill thickness of the wood to be dry but the rest still has moisture. Capitalize on that window of opportunity. I used to do a 2% low surfactant and then rinse with 250 psi. Even with the psi the same my 5.6 just would not provide the same level of quality as does an 8. The larger water droplets of an 8 just work different. If not over soaped and done right and rinsed very well you will have a different result than anytime before. If you screw up this process as its a bit of an art form just save yourself with some OX and rinse. I did it that way for years until I realized my guys couldn’t duplicate it then I found a better method. Hope that helps and wish you good luck!

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Ok, I’m placing an order for 5# of SP…which I just found out is the main ingredient in Oxy Clean…and is also the same thing as solid hydrogen peroxide. Interesting.

I also put in for 2# of oxalic, stuff scares me. I’ll be wearing my respirator this time.

I gather it goes like this:

Wet, let dry a little
Apply SP, wait 10 minutes
Apply oxalic


Its all correct except apply Sodium hypochlorite not SP. give the oxy clean to your wife or mother in law lol thats what I did with mine haha. Idk yoi can do it how you choose to but SH is fine its just 99% use it wrong, can’t let it dry and you need to be mindful of the time table your working with is all. If your SH is weak then go 2.5 by the math assuming the degraded and actual content is still around 2. Wouldn’t it be nice if vendors has a digital meter for sh measurement lol?

It’s the al alc alco alcoh alchoho alchohol

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Pre wet deck
Spray house mix
Dwell for 10 minutes
Hit it with 1000 psi
Spray oxalic
Collect money
Simplify the procedures by utilising the chemicals you use and carry with you everyday that are on hand.


There are more ways to clean wood then just SH. SH is not the magic chemical for everything. I use sodium metasilicate followed by oxalic. Look up “wizard of wood” watch his videos. You will learn how to clean wood a numerous amount of ways. Skip to 3:25 to see the chemicals


I know him and we have talked several times I was curious about his thoughts for cleaning our yachts teak deck as You can imagine I needed to take my knowledge, his knowledge, and also our detailers knowledge to collaborate a plan for cleaning and redoing the teak while being mindful of the recent ceramic coating that was applied and some other limiting factors were facing. He indeed is the wizard of wood and he has his methods and I understand why. I used Sh correct for yrs until I found my own way but still like to educate those on how I used to do it if they would like to give it a shot. Btw the wizard is the 2nd most watched wood expert in world and I’m #1. I just feel like if you do everything the same as everyone else all you’ll ever be is the same as everyone else.

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Too many quarantini’s bud, sober up.


I prefer natural wood tone, not bleached out wood that dries to a white haze

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You have videos for people to watch? Link?


He flew away like ahh toupee in a fan factory, He’s posting on a year old thread now. He’ll be back im guessing.

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Sorry gents on the flea bay looking for a Whipple charger and surfing the forums for old and current stuff thats interesting. Agree with you on the white washed wood I’ve already had some very long talks about this on here a year ago I just don’t get on here much When I’m in the winter wonderland. Theres a video and please just take my word for it so I don’t have to go through all this again. Im not BSer.

If you have a link to share I’m always down to check stuff out. If not no worries.

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I got home a week ago but the quarantines were damn good.

Links here under Miracle chemical. One of yall tracked me down a yr ago so I finally actually just joined up. I just come and go like a ghost lol.

@GreyGhostPrivateer No link in the thread. I only see 2 links in your profile. Just figured you’d be pointing people to it if you’re more watched then Everett Abrams. Unless you were joking, can’t tell.

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