First painted house need advice

Hey guys I did my first house yesterday turned out great. Did my 5 arounds (thanks Brodie for that tip) anyways neighbor wants his house and driveway done. His house is painted cedar plank.Paint is 5 years old and beige, Do I use my regular HW mix that I use on vinyl, and do y’all price them the same vinyl? Using a air pump btw to apply soap I don’t downstream. have a 8gpm to rinse and do SC with. Thanks for any advice.

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Go with a .75% and if you have to hit the bad spots twice. If you are going to use butyl for gutter cleaning, be very careful. My first year I applied it with a pump sprayer on a older painted house and you could see the over spray spots when it dried. The guy was cool about it, but I had to give him a discount.


Just a house wash. Same as vinyl and don’t let it dry. Like @wmprowash said, hit the bad spots twice if you have to.

Just keep it wet and rinse well you’ll be fine.

WHAT?!?! 5 arounds work?! Jk. This is why I try to beat that into people’s head so much. Lol

I’m just glad they get to hear it from someone else for a change. :slight_smile:

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awesome, thank you!

Crazy right, appreciate it!

5 around? (New guy)

When you do a job, you go and knock on doors on either side and the three neighbors across the street. You can do more or less than 5 houses around depending on the neighborhood and your aptitude for door knocking. But it gets easier the more you do :wink:

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And by “just a HW” do you mean SH? I’ve been wondering the same thing about painted wood. That’s about all I have around me. I’m trying to get my system together to add houses and that has been a question I keep thinking about lately.

And I’m a new guy as well so what’s the 5 arounds?

HW= HouseWash (mix). Your typical mix for washing, generally SH (sodium hypochlorite) + surfactant (soap like elemonator, fresh wash, simple cherry, etc) + water if you need dilution beyond what the downstream injector provides

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X2… again. Lol

Sorry I keep sniping your replies, lol

Don’t be. I’m sure I’ve done it to you more than once.

Sorry…didn’t mean to sound like a complete rookie there. But the SH was my concern. Didn’t want to run into any problems with the SH on the wood and had been wondering if you guys were using a different solution on wood. Thanks for the help guys.

And @squidskc I see where you don’t dilute SH under 10%. I have found a local supplier where I can get SH that they call 10%, although he said it’s usually a little higher. I’m using my injector on my PW to downstream which will be a 15:1 mixture. So would you go straight SH plus surfactants since it’s already mixing it at 15:1?

If it’s painted wood you should be ok. Although there were some bad batches of Sherwin Williams paint (I think either blue or red) a few years back that would react with SH and fade/streak horribly.

So “test in an inconspicuous location”

I’d buy a new injector or find a new supplier. The sweet spot is 1% dilution.

I don’t count the surfactant in my math.

When in doubt… this will answer your question 99% of the time.

Blue houses are ALWAYS best to test first.

If you can find a 10:1 injector you never have to dilute your mix if you’re using 10% sh. Most people spend too much time mixing when their injector will do it for them.

Use the search bar and type in proportioning injector

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I’ll search here, but I’ve been looking at injectors and most don’t really say what they are. I clicked the link you posted and wondering if the size has anything to do with the dilution. Does this 0.083 mean anything about the dilution??.

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