First job!


Insurance will definitely differ location to location, and discounts too. It does help to get the names of ins colonies out in the open.


Twist it the way you want.
Justify it the way you want.
So it fits your narrative
For the amount he mentioned it wasnt on the right category.
But as always… believe what u want.


Lol ok whatever you say. I spoke with the agent. But you know all, right? You must be an insurance agent also? I don’t have a narrative to fit, just the facts that the agent told me, which I believe over some arrogant twat on an online forum.

Anyways, they wouldn’t allow me to get higher coverage on equipment.


Lol, you’ll get used to him. He usually means well, most of the time. He’s getting better. There was a time he wouldn’t admit he lied. Now he does but justifies it. Good luck


@bdurham9951 that was not replying to you.
that was to iBS


Then my apologies, @Ikii



this is a pw quote by them… look at the price.
According to them, HISCOX, this is the right cat for pw, under them.


Well someone is lying then, either the agent who sent that email or the agent I spoke with. But they sure asked a lot of questions about pressure washing and telling me things that were not qualified and that commercial wasn’t covered, etc. Maybe they’ve added it to what they cover or created that new category recently since March 6.


Hiscox offers it. A simple phone call will verify. They are open till 10pm EST


I’ve already spoken to them and received a quote.


now if they they want you, cause they got to sell, they will either put you on their janitorial, or landscaping.
why the 2?
I own another business, residencial cleaning, so they will classify me on their janitorial, that way by omission they will cover pw.
Also on landscaping, by omission will cover pw.
Here are 2 other quotes,

why the different prices?


just trying to help you guys.
cause, knocking on wood, when something happens you want to be covered right.

I am looking at Travelers, and I have a quote between 850 and 1300 or so a year, depending on what I want to ad on.


wow that is way too HIGH.

but then again.

iBS has muttered something…


I have no idea. Maybe different projected income was reported?

My whole point was that many other people had posted they had lower rates. I’m guessing they are on a different kind of policy. But from what the agent told me, if they are on a different policy that isn’t for pressure washing specifically. Then they will most likely not be covered in the event that something happens. They just think they are.


no idea either, I gave them the same revenue information.


Try Erie or whatever works for you. I personally wouldn’t use Hiscox. My point was that Hiscox does offer insurance for pressure washing. I think you and Jamie have shown that also. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I don’t write the checks, but I think my coverage is around 20k a year, but that includes vehicles and a ton of additional insured.


Erie isn’t available in my area/state. I checked.

Any other companies? Still haven’t heard from Allstate.


Per my agent, Travelers wont do commercial. They are doing my residential, but said the risk was so much higher with commercial they wouldn’t do it. And no, I didn’t talk to Travelers myself, just going on what my agent told me. Ive been with him for years and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Everything I have insured is with him.


Sorry i meant to say northern tool.