First job!


I have a supplier here locally but they will ONLY sell me 55 gallon drums. They say they cannot break it down, has to be sold as they get it for some reason. Permitting or whatever.

$175 before tax for the drum. Might be a good idea now though with the job I’m doing but cash flow/reserves are getting low with the equipment expense, storage for trailer, business tax, insurance, extras I’ve had to buy here and there.
Might be better off just spending the $60 or so at home Depot for the one gallon bottles for this job. Unless a hardware store has some in another quantity.


If HW stores have SH it will be in 1 gallon containers. Some pool suppliers have it in other quantities and more likely chem8cal supply companies.


You won’t need 20 gallons of bleach for that house. I can do a side of a two story box house with one gallon, sometimes less. And remember, if it’s just dirt, don’t use SH. Take a close look and see if they have green algae or little black mildew spots.


What about sh on the driveway? I was gonna do a post treat. Depending on how bad it is maybe pre treat. The 20 gal is just to make sure I have enough for both house and driveway. If I have extra it won’t hurt, it will get used at some point I’m sure.


If the driveway is relatively dark, a post treatment will most likely be necessary. I throw down a post treatment whether it was overly disgusting or pretty well maintained. So my $.02 is to post treat either way.


I thought I read somewhere that it mite need grease when it vibrates I’m not sure I only have classics


I hear you! I hate dealerships. They’ve lost credibility with me.


Harbor freight has stainless quick connects?
Never seen them or anything close in there. Tell me more?


It’s seasonal, but you might be able to get 10% SH pool shock at WalMart.


They out around here. Lowes has kemtek 10%. $4gal


So Hiscox gave me a quote for $92 a month for 1 million in general liability and 5k at home and 2.5k when away from home equipment insurance.

How in the world is mine so much when others have said they paid $40ish a month??

Gonna see about other companies first.


Hiscox does not cover pw.
You got a quote for janitorial coverage


No, they do. Specifically pressure washing. I made sure. And they asked several pressure washing specific questions.

Sorry, you’re mistaken.


Hiscox offers insurance for residential washing. No commercial, not even condos or townhomes. Ikii guy just throws out random stuff sometimes. You’ll learn what to ignore as you read more. I just got off the phone with them to verify


I just spoke to them too.
Cause i shop around.
It is under janitorial, according to the agent, and she said that it is covered by omission. Meaning, if it not stated it is covered.
But if you want it pw coverage it will cost 2400 a year…

So believe what u want.

It us your business after all


Good job admitting you were wrong and that they do offer insurance for pressure washing. You are blossoming here.


I got an insanely high quote from Hiscox as well. I worked with a local agent specializing in small business and coupled with window cleaning I think it’s around $110/mo. Will check on that though.


I use Erie insurance. If they offer coverage in your state, check them out


They offered me $92 a month. $1,138.00 a year for one million in coverage plus the equipment coverage I mentioned earlier. And I don’t know what agent you spoke with but that isn’t what the agent I spoke with told me. She said it was specifically for pressure washing.

I asked her how others have reported paying so much less and she said that they may not actually have the specific coverage like she quoted me and that most likely they weren’t truthful on the questions asked. That’s why they are cheaper most likely, but she said that most likely they would not be covered if something were to happen because they don’t have the right coverage.

Trying to get Allstate to give me a quote but it’s like pulling teeth I guess. I have them for my home owners and vehicle insurance and just wanted to see what they would charge but it still haven’t heard anything back and have called three times.


I have it with shelter. 1 million GL and 25k on equipment plus trailer and mine is 150 total. 95 is for the Gl