First job!


My agent, from Nationwide, told me nationwide does not cover commercial.
They are also brokers, quoted me Travelers for commercial but only up to 2 floors.


Its different markets.


I’ll pm you my insurance guy…I’m in MI but he’s actually in your neck of the woods.


I use Auto Owners Insurance. Pretty reasonable $79 a month for $1 mil GL and also covers my equipment.


So I looked at the job today. House doesn’t look as hard as I imagined. Reaching the top peak of the second story is my only concern. I will post the few pics I took, didn’t have a lot of time before it got dark unfortunately. Will the jrod or xjet with M5DS nozzle reach this with no problem? I also have a 5’ extension wand for my gun. Concrete work is over 5,300 SQ foot. Customer was iffy about adding concrete work “that’s more than the house!” He said when I added the surface cleaning. I explained to him that it’s a lot more surface to clean.

He is going to the Alabama game tomorrow so I couldn’t schedule for tomorrow… It’s supposed to be sunny and no chance of rain. He wanted to schedule for next Saturday, weather permitting.

I have him a pretty good deal just because I want to get my feet wet and get my name out there. He was just going to go with house wash only.


The best thing about that house is the before and after pictures you can get. Don’t sell yourself short on the concrete cleaning unless you really want the work, you’re right it will take way longer than the house.


Man the organics look horrible but will clean up nice.


Use a 6’ or 8’ a frame ladder to get the peak over the garage. I use a 8’ a frame and it always gets me those extra few feet I need.


Man crush this house and move on. 1:30-2 HR and done.

Those arent really peaks IMO. Now, this time of yeat with the temps, you might need some extra SH or time but no problems at all.


I have a 6 foot ladder handy. I think I should be good having those two nozzles I mentioned. The organics are pretty bad on the North side. Lot of spider webs and stuff also.

I quoted a $1,000 and some change. For both house and driveway. Like I said I gave some discounts and worked with him just because I really want my first job. I don’t mind the price but I won’t make a habit of selling myself short. I think I could have gotten $1,200 but I’ll be ok.


Also customer stated at first they didn’t want bleach used at the beginning of the conversation.

They mentioned they tried doing there own home previously. Pump sprayer of store bought bleach sightly diluted. And he said he left it to sit for like 30 mins or more before trying to rinse.

He said he ruined his shingles with the bleach. I told him he left it on way too long. By the end of the conversation he was ok with it. I told him that’s the way I do it and I wouldn’t do it any other way. And if I were to it would be way too expensive.


That will clean up nice! Make sure you have plenty of bleach though.


The fact that this is your first house I’d take my time with it. It might take you 3-4 hours because your just getting used to the equipment, hoses, ratios, etc. In time you’ll be able to do that house in about an hour-1.5…especially since here are no gutters which sometimes require a few applications. But those porches will take you the most time. I use the M5DS 99% of the time but for a weird angle or very tall peak I use a shooter tip from Guy Blackmon. It shoots a super concentrated stream probably 10-15 foot further than the MD5S which even at its tightest point is a little messy.


Yeah, not a terribly difficult job. You’ll be fine with those nozzles.

He didn’t want to spend $1000, could he have done just the sidewalks, etc? I run into the same thing all the time, they want driveways done but can’t stomach the cost.


He didn’t want to spend over $1,000 so I gave him the price for 3500 square foot of driveway instead of the whole thing which was about 4,000. And he was going to get some other concrete done but the total would have been $1,300 and he didn’t want to go that high.


You’re probably done with it by now, but just wanted to say that alternators are definitely one of the easier things to fix in most cars. I’ve done a couple, and I’m not incredibly mechanically inclined.

Regarding insurance, you’ve gotta find a local agent that works with small businesses, @bdurham9951. You may need to shop around for an agent that will work with you. But once you find a good one, they will do all the legwork and find the best possible rate for your circumstances.

My agent got me a policy through Liberty Mutual. $82.25/month for power washing, window cleaning, gutters, and snowblowing.

They also are proactive about getting me competitive quotes for my other policies. I was signed up through a different agent for commercial auto. Now that I got a new truck, our rates went way up, so I asked our GL agent for a quote. He’s saving us $250+ yr on our commercial auto now.


New battery,fuse and altinator. Yes was a easy fix. Before a put the new altinator in it i had my old one checked and autozone said it was fine. 5 20v fuses later a put in a new altinator and the problem was fixed. Not sure why they said my was fine heck it had a grinding noise when you turned it.


So far I’ve only got the quote from Hiscox. Tried Allstate… Who I have my homeowner’s and auto insurance through. They gave me the run around for like 3 days and then when I finally do get on the phone with someone from commercial/business and go through the motions, he says “oh, I’m sorry, we do not offer any coverage in your line of work” … Like at all. I was annoyed to say the least and just hung up on him.

So I have to keep looking. Hard getting all these things lined up. My full time job is a bitch and has several douche nozzles as supervisors and team leads. So I cannot be caught on my phone, etc etc.

Maybe this will grow so I can say screw this place and leave one day.


You will only make as good a boss/owner as you were as an employee. Good luck finding insurance but starting a new career shouldn’t be done on the dime of your current employer. If I read your last post wrong, I apologize.


I am an excellent employee. I never miss and I’m never late and know every job in the plant. I’m just referring to having to deal with a lot of crap I don’t feel like listing here. And I handle what I can on my breaks. Not on their dime. Just hard to get to some of the offices and such with my schedule. Most close early enough where I don’t have enough time to get to them or barely enough time.