First job!


Check your nozzles on that surface cleaner. Sounds like one is bad. Isn’t brand new though?


Yeap and i did. I used @gbattle trick and jammed it with wrench was spraying fine. Ill have to take a better look tomorrow. Also the M5DS worked great! @bdurham9951 definitely get you one $60 well spent. I was using a jrod before shoots just as far and safes alot of time.


As @Racer mentioned those front and back porches will take time. Make sure to soap all sides of those poles. It’s very easy to miss a small section. When you do your final walk around check the poles again. You can always hit any small areas missed with a pump sprayer if your hoses are already rolled up. I always do my final walk around with all my hoses still out in case I somehow missed something. The rest of the house looks easy.

That’s definitey not a house I would want to start off with. My first house was 2200 sq ft box. I hope all goes well for you


The M5DS nozzle to me is the best piece of equipment I’ve ever bought for my setup. It’s so versatile compared to a jrod


I just looked, I have the M5DS. It’s just missing an inlet fitting. I’ll look through the little tackle boxes he gave me with the rig. Probably have it somewhere.

And I live in Millbrook, Alabama. Near Montgomery.


You can buy the QC fitting at HD or a local store.:+1:


The vibrating on your cleaner is a clogged nozzle. Unscrew, unclog, screw back on and make sure the notch aligns with the bar.


Get the stainless steel QC. Northern tool usaully has them instock. Get you some irontron pump ups while your there they can spray a good 25 feet.


Im going to give it a closer look tomorrow it probably is. Its brand new and been hanging on my truck for over a month. Probably had a dirt dauber try to make a nest in the gun lol i have them bad at my house.


Get a pink and blue tip. They work great for two story. You can get 10% SH at Ace hardware store, if you have them available or at a pool store.


I’ve had it happen twice and both times it was a very tiny rock clogging a nozzle. Easy fix!


alternator just went out in my truck. Had to have it towed back to my house and i was 25miles away. Lucky the tow truck driver had a heart and drove me another 2 miles to where i was driving to so i could get my 8 month old daughter some fever reducer no extra charge. Gave him some deer tenderloins as a tip​:joy::joy:


I hate those days…when it rains it pours!!


My truck has a bad alternator and today it started leaking coolant! Left it at the stealership for repairs. Thank God for extended warranty and $100 deductible!


Insurance covered me for 20miles i just pay $4 every additional mile. So not so bad. Im going to try to change out my alternator myself. Doesn’t look hard. Take off the belt, unscrew 4 bolts, unplug 2 wires and then put the new one on. Looks like we are both out $100. Lets hope your dealership doesn’t do some kind of patch up job and just puts in new items. I paid $500 to have new brake lines put on a truck that came from up north( rusty undercarriage) only to notice a year later when i had a leak agian that they just patched in a 4 inch section.


I going even know if we have an ace around here but I will check and check the hardware stores we do have. All the pool places do not carry sh around here. Just calcium hypochlorite. They say it doesn’t sell in this market. We do have a harbor freight. I’ll check there for fittings.


Pool stores don’t sell liquid pool shock?


I called every pool supply I could find in my entire state, and not one sells SH. Only CH granules.



That’s the way it is here in Mississippi to. I’m about to order to start ordering SH from the powerwash store in Nashville if we can get the shipping figured out


Try searching locally for chemical supply companies. If one doesn’t have it ask the person you have on the phone if they could point you in the right direction. I called a few larger companies that only sell by the truck and they pointed me to one of there customers that I would have never guess to call. I get my SH from an maritime/environmental company.