First job think I made a boo boo


Well I bid a job today 3000 square feet of paver not really dirty I’m in south Florida area 250 is what I bidded guy jumped on it boy I’m way off on pricing


O well…it’s $250 more then you had yesterday.

Only way to get good at pricing is by making mistakes and learning from them.

We’ve all been there, good luck!


Especially when you start figuring out how long something will take just by looking at.

You won’t know that until you have some experience cleaning


LOL, if you knew you made a boo boo, why’d you bid it so low. As @Patriotspwashing said, live and learn.


He realized the error after doing the job for $250.


I just finished my boo boo today. Lots of work took me 4 1/2 hours but looked great I was happy customer was happy went home with $200 more than I had and spent it right away on more equipment​:joy::joy: 20181016_114659|666x500


No need to laugh at how long it took me. Racer has already laughed at me enough.


Nah, looks good man. You learn something from every job. You actually got paid to go to school today, so not bad. Of course you forgot to tell them you had a helper and still took you over 4 hours, lol.


Look at it this way. You made $200 and probably earned a repeat customer that will be so happy they got a great deal they will tell others about you.


Baby steps, no shame no regrets


I’m hoping all flat work 4 to 6 hours that’s my figure on 3500 square feet of pavers


Dude, that’s nothing. I wish I made $50/hr on the first job I bid.

My first job I remember bidding all by myself, I believe I priced it at $150. It was a residential window cleaning job out in the boonies. Job took somewhere around 9 to 11 hours of labor over two days. That’s not including the 3 trips (1 to give the quote, 2 for the work) I made out there, which was at least 30 minutes one way.

IIRC, the lady gave a $40 or $60 mercy tip when I finished.

(But, this was back in 2005 or 2006, I was only 17 or 18 at the time. Paid learning, lol.)

She was a hoot. 93 year old lady, seemed completely sane and with it to me… until she started calling random people in the telephone book to verify the listings. I felt so bad for the people who had incorrect listings. She was so insistent, like they had control over it or something :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just curious. Did you blow off the storage building or just clean it with the pressure washer? BTW I’d say it looks pretty darn good!


I’m only gonna make the 50 an hour if I complete it in my time frame it’s all flat work pavers around 3500sqf think 4 to 6 hours with 5.5gpm machine


There is no reason that should take 4 to 6 hours. Endless your using a wand .




There was alot more than that up there it looked like a beaver damn. I push them all of with a extension brush and then took that pic. No I just used my pressure washer and the 40 degree tip that came with it to blow it off then applied some chems and rinsed with that same tip.


Well did my first job customer was extremely happy it took me 3 hours 50 minutes and my stupid self didn’t get a single picture but at least customer was happy…I’m having a malfunction with my aqua pro cleaner think that’s why it took what it did… when I pull the trigger on it where the sprayer sits it seems like it vibararing bad at the sprayer and it started sounding different just had a new bar, nozzle protectors, and spray tips on it yesterday so I’m not sure what’s happening back to the shop it goes


Give the bar a kick and pull the trigger at the same time . If it doesn’t spin, Put a new swivel on.


If it vibrating it either bent or has a clogged nozzle. They bend at the adapter. The height of the nozzles from the inside cover should be exactly the same or it will shake like crazy.