First "job" done!

Before i start i want to say that i am very happy to finally try to start a business here in my city in mexico. There is no one doing this so hopefully i will be lucky to get some contracts, any advice is well appreciated

Hello again guys, as you know i had been trying to get my used PW to work… i bought it used and had to replace seals in the pump and general
Maintence to the engine. I am using a 4000 psi 4.3gpm cold water machine.
I just received it last tuesday and did a test in my house and was ok, but today a washed a friends small patio for free (he paid some beer and pizza) , but i wanted to test everything out. I know you guys are professionals feel free to correct me, but do it nicely hahaha
This is what i did
-wet the floor with water,

  • applied with black nozzle and using the injector from the pump outlet (downstream i think its how you call it) shampoo and degreaser mixed in a bucket
  • pressure washed with green and yellow nozzles

I found it hard to work on corners cause the dirty water flies all over the place, i never thought it was gonna make your hand tired after pressing the water gun.
Here are some pics, feel free to bully me
Thank you all


Congrats on getting the ball rolling. That’s a really really nice first machine. Those V-twin Vanguards are sweet. I think we were rebuilding our pumps together the other day which makes us brothers now. Keep on keeping on!

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Get a surface cleaner. Will cut time down.

Looks good though.


Its hard to find those surface cleaners here, i need to wait until i go to laredo or san antonio tx to get one, cant afford 400dlls in buying one… it took me about an hour

Hey Fernando,
I looks OK. As long as your friend was happy.
If it was me, I would apply bleach (SH) before washing. The soaps are fine, but if you want the black crud to melt off, use bleach.
Second, If you are going to be doing a lot of hard surface cleaning, you absolutely need to get a surface cleaner.


I heard about applying bleach, but i am kind of scared to use it, i have read that a 50/50 mixture is quite streong for cleaning, my doubt is, will it leave white stains after the water dries?

It never has for me.
You apply it first, then you surface clean and then you rinse.
By that time it has been diluted to the point of nada.


Do you get Amazon?
Here is a decent starter:

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most of the houses in Mexico are brick or stucko right…or are you just doing flatwork

I can say the 95% of them are made with cement bricks (the ones that have 3 squred holes in the middle) and then covered by a thin layer of cement and then painted … will the bleach/water mix bring the paint down?
I want to do fleet washing i think its less delicate than house but i need to be ready for any job

Cinder block or CMU concrete masonry unit

And depending on the age of the paint it will strip with too much pressure, from my experience.

What state / city are you located in Mexico?

+1 on the surface cleaner. By far the best investment I made so far. Not only cuts down time, but makes everything even, so you dont leave streaks or lines.


I am in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, (the stat’s capital). Its 3 hours south of the border with mcallen and brownsville tx. Sometimes you do 2 1/2 hours driving at 90-100 mph, you have to drive fast cause thats one of the most dangerous highways in our state :slight_smile: .

What do you think about this surface cleaner?
This doesnt have a handle like the one recommended above, you have to plug your wand directly

Really and truly i would save and buy a good one. They’re expesive but you’ll get your return on investment quickly. You’ll cut your wash time in half


I was looking for a nice but affordable one. I found this GP Hammerhead 18" for $289, free shipping from water cannon. I couldn’t find a better value buy for a surface cleaner. It works really well too. I know it’s not the Benz of surface cleaners, but definitely the most bang for your buck in my opinion.

The one recommended above doesnt have wheels… if it doesnt have wheels, will it last less than the ones with wheels?.. sorry i ask to much

If you’re talking about the GP Hammerhead that I linked to, no it doesn’t have wheels. Yes, it works great and is easy to maneuver. I don’t foresee any longevity issues at all. It’s really well built.