First ever house wash!


You gotta tell us what equipment you’re using. Everything down to the types of nozzles your using… are you using an x jet ? Or a downstream injector off your machine ?


Guys thanks for the feedback…I have a custom built trailer from power line industries…its a 6.8 gpm machine…I downstream with a 3-5 gpm 2.1 I am using a 100 ft hose with jrod tip


Not sure if you can see it very clear but its a nice unit… I can run dual guns…I have a 300 gallon tank, I can do cold, hot and steam…


Nice rig !!! Dude I’m a newb but from what your saying, your not dumb, and you def didnt just go and buy things not knowing what to get. In my opinion, your mix is weak and you’re using too much elemonator. You should be using an ounce of elemonator for every gallon of mix in your chem tank. If you use 2.5 gallons of s.h. and 2.5 gallons of water, you should be using 5 ounces of elemonator not 10 lol.


Thanks my good man…I will double check again I may have used 8 oz but still I will try 5 and re do-it…I just want to make sure i correct the issue before I actually go out and do a job… I will fake it till I make it they dont know im a rookie…lol…


Any time broseph. Use the search bar to read up on other peoples recipes and similar issues… it will help you big time… also if you reach out to some of these guys, they will be glad to help. But make sure you do more reading, some of these guys on the forum don’t like to just give out info to ppl unless they have a decent amount of read time.


Sounds good! Yea I been reading on different things and im learning day by day!


That’s all you can do man. Also make sure your s.h. is fresh and not degraded.


Your mix is fine, maybe a little strong


How long can you have sh sitting for? I bought 10 gallons and have only used 5 … the other 5 are in the original bucket sittin in my garage…


Still trying to figure that out myself brother…


5 will be much better, rinsing wont take as long.

~3 oz all you need for vinyl applications in my experiences.

And get more than 100ft of hose.


why is that if you dont mind me asking…is it the longer the better?? both my mounted hoses are 100 ft each but i do have an extra 100 just in case.


100 wont get around houses most of time


Its not better its just more convenient. 200-250 ft will getmost houses done and it’s smart to carry extra just in case.


ah yea of course i havent had any where i had to go longer but deff good to have that extra 100 for sure!!


Def. I keep 150 on the reel and got 2 extra 50’s in the box.


Dirt spots? Put up pictures… is small dried blotches under windows or weep holes ?


look closely and you can see the spots on the vinyl…


Looks like oxidation not dirt.