First Belt Drive Opinion?

Looking to get my first belt drive. Primarily wash houses and some small concrete work. Part time with no plans to go full time. Would this be a decent machine to get? Looking to stay around $1500-$2000. Thanks!

That was my very first machine. Still works great

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Everything except the Cat pump. I discovered they have weird European fittings that don’t jive with the NPT stuff in the US. Then again mine was a direct drive unit which may be different from the external unloader units like that one.

If I had to start over again with that price range, I’d look at a gx390 and slap on a gear drive 5.5/2500 pump.

Say what I have a cat pumps they all take standard fittings. What pump do you have that has odd fittings I ask because I have never seen one. Not to mention they are made in the USA.

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You do realize you can buy a 8 gpm unit for 2k right. Although I dont recommend them 5.5 in my opinion is the sweet spot


Yeah mine was a direct drive Cat with built in unloader, when I went to install another one for a bypass it took some weird European threading. Even the local hydraulic shop couldn’t help. Something like M1.8 or some nonsense.

Can you post some pictures of it I’m so curious now.

Yeah, found a pic online.

That outlet QC was the problem.

What model pump is that

Oh man, not sure. I’d have to do some digging. I sold it a couple months ago.

Edit: I think it’s this one.



Probably for the best. I love my cat pump. But gotta do what works for you. What did you upgrade to

Oh I have a 5.5/3500 belt drive now. Light years ahead.


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Where are you getting these at? I’ll buy two tonight.

Manatee pressure washing supply sells them every day for 1999.00

The math isn’t adding up there. That’s a GX390 which is ~12HP. To get 2500 PSI @ 8 GPM you would need ~18HP.

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Yeah, that’s weird. The Comet TW 8030s pump listed is 8.7gpm at 3000psi with 1450rpm. There’s just no way you’ll get that output with a 390. Heck even my 630 would struggle.

It’s weird because it’s completely false.

I have a buddy who has one he loves it he is the reason I know about that place call them if you dont believe me

Of course you can put a 8gpm pump on the gx390. You’ll lose the psi though. Probably only get 1500-1600psi at the most but it will run a 8gpm. Just a house wash machine though obviously no dirty concrete unless you pretreat very strong.