Finally, a non-scrubbing and immediate solution to oxidation!


You’re in for an uphill battle if you wanna compete with Ecochem. Their Cleansol BC is the gold standard for oxidation removal.


Good for you.
Keep the secret and make lots of money, your choice your decision.
Or you can patent it, sell it as a royalty, retire and make money.
Either way your choice.
No idea whatsoever why you brought it up.


Do you have personal experience with it Steve? Thank you.


I haven’t personally used it but I haven’t seen a product generate so much positive buzz in this industry since every body discovered downstreaming. I go to a lot of industy events and Cleansol is by far the thing I hear talked about the most. 1 step, no brushing oxidation removal.


I have used Cleansol bc on a heavily oxidized metal roof and you still have to scrub. May be true for light oxidation but not in my experience.


Eachchem is snake oil from my use of it. @MrFixit, the some ofv the group here have grown snarky. Ignore them and good luck with whatever you do with it. Everything I have introduced to the industry has ended up making someone else money because I shared it with someone. @Steve is good people and might have had good luck with eachochem, but there is scrubbing required. Good luck and welcome back grandpa


I wasn’t trying to rain on your parade if you thought that. I know there is unlimited space in the chemical market because everyone likes something different. I was only pointing out that it isn’t the case that non-scrubbing options don’t exist. I just did 300 feet of badly oxidized gutters of which 200 was a second story and I never broke out a brush. I was trying a new product called Gutter Butter and it was amazing but I didn’t like how much I needed to use. I also restored a mental shop building for a farmer earlier this year by down streaming F-13 and again, never used a brush. I wasn’t saying that you shouldn’t pursue your chemical formulation, just don’t say that there are no options for no scrubbing because there are.


Cool, can you post a video of it in action?


That’s cool, I hope it goes well for you. No one product will work for everything, so if you have found a better solution then I say go for it. I’ll certainly buy some and try it.


I certainly understand different products for different tasks but this is only about oxidation removal from metal surfaces. Over the years I’ve read so many posts of people claiming this product does this or this does that, and have spent my money on it only to be disappointed. I have spent hours and hours researching and trying various oxidation removal chems and nothing so far has been scrub free until this - and it requires no more pressure than a garden hose to remove. I’ve been specifically targeting and testing metal roofs, garage doors, aluminum siding and painted steel.
Thanks Steve. I would like to bring it to market just because I KNOW it is a game changer.
@DoubleH if possible I will. My cleaning season this year is just about over.


Edit: oops DoubleH already posted it


Yeah … no photo, no video = never happened
That’s what me and my fishing mates reckon whenever someone has a incredible story lol


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George, he has given plenty over the years here. Not sure why he is catching grief. He left when all the drama with awesome guy here. Pretty rude welcome back for him.


Holy cow…if IBS says your being rude that’s really saying something lol jk. We all have tricks of the trade that we are very proud of, and maybe we have worked so hard on that it’s hard to part with that knowledge. There are lot of guys on here that will tell you ANYTHING you want to know and share everything. But not doing so doesn’t make you bad or selfish. For me, my secret is losing money and taking way too long on Jobs. But if you really found the right solution I’m very happy for you congrats!


Just to make your day AMEN pressure washing’s is still in business. Seen his trailer today.
For those who don’t know he’s another awesome wash type


Thanks Clint and William. It’s all good, I can handle the heat. Comments like the sparkly dude made just goes to show why I wouldn’t ever consider sharing with the masses. Some people just aren’t deserving of help, They just feel entitled to it.
It doesn’t take a brain scientist to realize that if I posted here what my solution is, my competition would eventually have that information (some if which are members here) and then they can directly compete with me. Not gonna allow that to happen. As of right now I’ll own the market in my area and, I’m gonna leave it that way.


I stand corrected. It just seemed like “Nah Nah Nah, I got something and you can’t have it!” Sharing is caring, but that’s just plain immature and childish.

Sorry to offend, but I have no patience with that crap.


Both of y’all would like each other if you talked on the phone.
@florida_condo_cleani years ago Bob banned Amen from PT state. He was a nut. I honestly thought the kill guy here was Amen for the longest time, but jw isn’t as bad Amen.


George, my friend, your comment got flagged homie. I had to canc it. The best thing about capitalism is you can choose to buy it or not if he ever decides to sell the product.

I wasn’t a fan of the infomercial either, but I’ve got nothing against the OP. He wasn’t being a jerk. Just salesy.