Finally, a non-scrubbing and immediate solution to oxidation!


A few years ago I was trying to hire roof cleaners to get caught up on some projects. He was one of the guys that I interviewed. He seems ok kinda cocky though


He ran for mayor down the somewhere


That’s comical. There are no small towns around here you better have some bank if you want to be mayor these guys spend hundreds of thousands during an election. Mostly from sponsors donations. All of our mayors or owned


I assume he didn’t win then lol


OK, I’ll kick the hornet’'s nest. SO, someone tells me he can remove rust in 5 minutes with a simple rinse my first thought is Oxalic acid. THEN, to accelerate what traditionally takes much longer, he might add a stronger acid like sulphuric or that acid they use to clean air conditioning radiators(phosphorous acid?) OR, i COULD BE WAY OFF BASE OR HE COULD JUST BE BLOWING SMOKE UP OUR AS… NO YOU DON’T, PANTY-WAISTS, i WILL NOT BE FLAGGED AGAIN FOR FAKE PROFANITY! OR, he could simply be blowing smoke up our fannies.
Tell you what: send me 5 gallons, and I’ll pay shipping (whoever started this thread), and I will either sing your praises, or call you out as the charlatan that I suspect you are. My verity is pretty well established here, so if you’ve got the stones, I’ll either call you out of verify your creation.


Good grief. Brent came here saying he had a new product that he made to make his job easier. He offered top send out some samples. Gave a ballpark price if he sold it. He offered to share it with those he knew and trusted. What more could y’all want? @MrFixit I don’t blame you if you leave. No one here is owed anything by anyone. Not sure why you are expected to share info if it can make you money later. Be safe and rock on


Sometimes this forum is surreal! :flushed:


Yeah but I think for the most part there’s some pretty good people on here. Other than the occasional quack most everyone tries to help each other. I don’t blame the guy for not wanting to make it public if his competitors can use it against him.


Whats with the boob pic?


My lord some of you guys are just unreal!

For starters, i didn’t come here to sell anything. I’m sorry it felt like an infomercial, or anything else. I posted this thread a few days after I discovered this product. I used it on that commercial steel job and then tested it on a neighbors vinyl siding and realized I came across a very real solution to oxidation that required no scrubbing whatsoever. This topic got out of hand because as usual, nobody believes you when you stumble upon something truly revolutionary. I was merely trying to explain this is seriously different, it’s the real thing. I wasn’t trying to sell anything at all. I understand that in my original post I suggested I was seriously considering marketing it. I said so because I know it can help people.

I wish I wouldn’t have said anything at all now tho. I won’t be pressured into releasing this information no matter what you say to me. I could care less whether you believe me or not.
One of the things I’m battling here is that the mixture I’m using happens to be three branded products mixed together. So it’s not just as easy as sending out a sample. I don’t know what patent laws I would be violating or anything else. There are things I need to check into before I do anything.
There are also visual clues in the mixture on what it could possibly be so more experienced people may pick up on at least one component of what I’m using. That’s exactly why I’ve not shared a video.

I don’t give a rats a$$ on what anyone says to or about me. This is my gig, something I’ve stumbled on and nothing you say will change that. You can say I’m lying all day long but it won’t change the fact that it’s real. I understand you’re just trying to force me to prove myself for your own benefit.
If I can figure out whether I can legally repack another persons product, then I will do something. Or if I can send off each product and verify the exact contents and mix and recreate it, that’ll change things. But I’m not gonna just ship out other people’s branded product.

I just discovered this about two months ago so it’s not even realistic that I’d be ready to send out samples. I’m tired of the PM’s and the crappy comments. When and if the time comes, there will be a some guys here that’ll get free samples and, there will absolutely be guys here that won’t get a a second thought.

This site has seriously deteriorated, unfortunately. It use to be an enjoyable place to share knowledge, chat about things, and help people out. It’s truly turned into a soap opera.

And for those that don’t really know me…I don’t need the money by any stretch of the imagination and wasn’t trying to sell anything. it was just enthusiasm over a discovery which turned into a drama fest.


What boob pic?


Nvm… Im team George all the way.


At my kids 8th birthday party. The kids have more maturity than this thread does lol


There’s some good people on here that take this industry serious. Don’t judge the whole Forum by the actions of the few. I understand where you are coming from. Like any other industry there are those who contribute and those who take. It’s like any where 10 per cent of the members do the giving and the other 90 take. But hopefully part of the 90 will at some point give back


Sorry for stooping to your level. Dont care for guys that “trophy” thier wifes. Seems degrading to show a loved ones body off.


See you guys next year. Going to take a break from the internet forums till next season. Not being a drama queen just realized i need to focus on other things.


I’ve been here for 10 years and it’s about the same as it always was.


Why have her as your profile pic at all?


She’s a very pretty gal and you’re likey a lucky man. I will apologize for hurting your feelings. I was wrong to get up in mine by the tone of this thread.

Plain and simple.

Nonetheless, nobody wants to have something waved in front of them only to have it snatched away. I, and every professional who cleans exterior surfaces could gain from this product. My recommendation is to video an application and put it on YouTube so that we can marvel at its efficacy. Then consider how you’re going to produce it.

A picture paints a thousand words and a video removes all doubt.

George out!


I sent him a PM on how to produce it…he “removed himself from the message”, LOL! Oh well, i tried to help. I can’t tell you how many times a month someone comes into my office and hands me a bottle and says “I want to make this, but cheaper”, or “I want you to make this for me, here are the ingredients”, or “I like how this works, can I pay you to tell me what is in it.”?

Looking at other peoples products, and trying to make them better or cheaper, is about 90% of my job.