Finally, a non-scrubbing and immediate solution to oxidation!

Here in my neck of the woods, oxidized metal roofs, garage doors, etc, are a real pain in the rear. It seems that the majority of the homeowners don’t want to pay for the time required for you to hand scrub the oxidation off so we end up losing a lot of that work. This week, I discovered an extremely easy method of removing oxidation from painted steel that requires no scrubbing and very little pressure. I apply my solution directly with a roof pump, maybe 15 seconds dwell time, and immediately rinse off all oxidation leaving a perfect shiny new finish. It truly is amazing! I’m not sure how to proceed tho…I’m thinking very hard about marketing this. It’s a real game changer… so don’t ask what to mix up cause I’m not sayin lol.

I will trade you for the location of the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. Only I know were it is so don’t bother asking anyone else.


How about sending out some samples to a few of us to try it out. You dont have to say what you made it with.

It wasnt a joke.

Let it be tested in the real world at different places around the country and see if it works. If it does I would buy some and join a GoFund me page for your product!

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Always love new products. We have used this mixed at 3-1 for the same scenario with great results

(It comes in 5 gallon jugs for $60).


Have you had success with it removing oxidation from vinyl and can you dilute it to stretch it?

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I’ll take a drum… I need it by monday… gogo

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71 topics created alot of them asking for others advise and help now you have something to help others and wont share. Come on help other out. We could buy something that would do the same thing at a higher price. Why not help your friends same some money😀



Is that bush’s baked beans​:joy::joy:

I’ve only used it once on a vinyl wall and it worked great. But I was at 3-1 mix. I’m not sure if you could dilute more or not.

I don’t removes oxidation as a service…only when we do a house and it looks like crap afterwards. Happend twice this year.

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I had 2 also this year. One wall on each house. The SH must change the color of oxidation. I need something to keep in my back pocket in case it happens again.

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What’s your point? I’ve not created enough posts here to justify not wanting to share a trade secret? To be clear, word spreads fast in this industry. Me not wanting to share this information isn’t because I don’t want to help anyone out. It’s that I don’t want my competition learning how to do something that I can either do better or cheaper. I have no idea if I’ll ever market this product. I most likely will just keep it under my hat forever.
For years now I’ve searched for an easy way to remove oxidation and have always came back to the same thing: scrubbing is the only way to remove it. I’ve turned down jobs, watched my competition turn down the same jobs, and now I’ve discovered a way to get a leg up. I debated even saying a word here because as they say “loose lips sinks ships”. But, there are a few gentlemen here that I actually would share this information with, because I trust their integrity. There are very, very few of those people in this world that I can say that about.

If it works as well as you say you can license it to a company and you will not have to work again. You are wasting it by keeping it under your hat. Find an investor or whatever it takes but why not improve the industry for everyone and make some money at the same time.

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I like to work, I work constantly even when I’m not at work. I don’t like stress and it sounds stressful. I quit a very good paying corporate job after 22 years to enjoy a stress free life. I’ve already succeeded.


If it’s a big posting about it here is a bad idea.

and what was the point of creating this thread again?


Ok. I get it. You are happy where you are. Nothing wrong with that. I like innovations very much and was just offering some ideas. Licensing is nowhere near the work of producing it. You get paid for someone to use your formula. I just figured there would be variants that might work across multiple industries and that it might not just be for pressure washing.

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Yeah I’m not sure why I said anything at all. I guess it was to have something to talk about with my old buddies here and share a little enthusiasm over something I discovered. I’m not worried about this information leaking out because nobody will ever figure it out.
But with that said, I should’ve had the foresight that it would cause some issues with not sharing this info because it’s a great solution to an issue we’ve all struggled with.
Who knows, maybe I’ll do something with it.

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Funding isn’t the issue. After 22 years of stress, I just want to do the physical stuff and leave the stress to everyone else. I get 4 months off a year now, can hunt or fish when I want, or go on a two week cruise at the drop of a hat, and don’t have to answer to anyone anymore. That’s all I wanna do.