Favorite things to clean

Obviously. I choose to wash them. I try to charge accordingly. And it never seems enough. I dont think i will adopt your policy though

I enjoy house washing the most.

Absolutely hate brick! Specially when it has algae on it, it soaks up a bunch of chem and I hate getting those tight corners and getting splash back

Right, and if customers are presented with too many denials you’re out of customers pretty quick. Fine line.

You can’t run out of customers. They’re more of them than you.

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What are you doing up on the roof with a pressure wand? That’s no way to wash a house.LOL

You ■■■-u-me I’m using a ‘pressure wand’.

Please tell me how you would do this house, I can’t wait to hear the reply.

I was kind of curious myself. Knew you weren’t doing roof, but why you walking around on porch unless an interesting view.

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Please don’t encourage that guy to communicate here, that’s just bad for all of us lol. But, what are you doing on that roof. Inquiring minds want to know.


It was super dirty, old algae, lichens…the works. No way it could have gotten clean from the ground. I don’t think it had been done in…ever.

with you, on both counts…lol

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I enjoy cleaning graffiti.


Thanks I like you too. But you can please keep your thoughts to your self. I asked a reasonable question. Or you can simply block me if you wish not to read what I post. No hard feeling from this side. But you are funny person with some of your comments.

@dcbrock it’s your fault. It’s like saying beetle juice three times

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I’m waiting for some weird dude to say gutters. Lol

I’ll one up him. I love cleaning the stairs going into dungeons.
This was an “oh while you’re here” and a “yea it’s gonna cost you a lot of money and won’t look that good”


It came out great. Hardly an entertainment area.

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Oh mercy, the stairwells. Cleaned a couple, neither had decent drainage and quite possibly the nastiest job I’ve done.

At the bottom I ended up using that door as sort of a shield to stop the splatter in the garage and used a sludge pump for all the big stuff



The old lady in the shower :wink: