Favorite things to clean

This is actually something i dont like cleaning. Ive heard you guys say on here if its brown its coming down. Does anyone think that time and rainfall would clear this up. I downstreamed straight sh and obviously surface cleaned.

Oh no, let me deconstruct this.

First of all you don’t downstream roofs, you need about 4% out of a 12v or whatever delivery device floats your boat. Downstreaming only gets you about 1%.

I can’t comment on using a surface cleaner on that type of shingle, but my understanding it’s generally frowned upon.

I am aware of softwashing. When i build my trailer i will have a gas powered ag pump for that. I was just curious about the if its brown its coming down statement. That roof was pretty brown after the pre treat. And its a concrte tile roof.

Read. Everything you want to know is right here but you need to read to find it.


Didn’t think i was trying to be spoon fed. Ive read a few minutes and figured that was enough

“Tile Roof Cleaning” in the search bar yields 50+ results and many of them from reputable members here with experience cleaning them. If I were you, I’d read through those and see what folks that know what they’re doing have to say on the subject.

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My son says it identifies as a buck


This one wasn’t as confused about his identity


I put my godson in a stand this morning. I know he can shoot. His dad and I have had him in stands since he was six. I was drinking coffee in the cabin this morning with him and my son’s in stands and heard a shot at 6:35. After a half mile of tracking we found a gut shot baby that had made it to the river. I was not a happy camper. I made him drag it back and salvage what he could cleaning it. Don’t shoot if it’s not light enough to see, even if you’re in the time window. Come to Jesus meeting going to happen during breakfast

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Oh man, poor fella. Thats a lesson you only have to learn once. Nothin quite like the smell of a gutshot deer to remind him for the rest of his life lol


Go easy in him. Kid was probably so stoked sitting out there. He just wanted to come back with a deer. Although start him young on doing it right.

I enjoy giving these Sabal Palms their annual cleaning. It provides an opportunity to use a couple of my favorite tools

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Love cleaning nasty purple barns


If they didn’t name that Barney you should charge them double

Thats awesome! Nice work. The building is hideous but thats not your problem