Favorite things to clean

Thought id make a thread about our favorite items we clean

I enjoy cleaning these white rubber roofs


I like to clean green vinyl siding that shouldn’t be green…


That is very satisfying also. Nice work!


One of my other favorites. Smooth concrete. It cleans so much easier

I actually prefer aggregate concrete, shows stripes less if at all.

I like doing white houses.

Dirty siding

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Vinyl, it’s easy work and easy money with major results

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I would edit out the bricks in the bottom. They look worse in the after photo because theyre wet obviously

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If any of y’all actually like cleaning things other than fish or animals we can’t be friends.

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I like a nice cold and hot shower.

I love washing! Some jobs are awful. Like block edging. And i also like washing myself at the end of a long day

I don’t know what block edging is, but I’ve done this since 1998 and I can’t think of anything I’ve ever enjoyed washing.

If i didn’t like what i did im not sure i would do a good

Blocks that are used for edging. When time comes to clean lots of dirt everywhere. Much rinsing and especially eye protection required

You ain’t gotta wash those

Shouldn’t have to. Charge extra. But its never worth it honestly

Lol, I can relate. You do something for over a quarter century it just becomes a necessary chore and the magic has worn off.

“You ain’t gotta wash those”

I actually get requests to wash those landscaping edging blocks on occasion. Dirty work.

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As long as you’re a grown man in a free country you don’t have to wash anything you don’t want to.