Favorite New Boots

Always looking for an advantage with clothing and found that with my “waterproof” hikers my feet were always wet at the end of the day. I recently bought a boot that quite often lately maintains dry feet for me when every other inchj of my body is soaked, and when cleaning fence, dirty.


UPDATE: I should NEVER have bragged about thos &^!^ boots. They’re soaked inside and out right now. My feet are wet once again. D@mned boots. Well, they were good for 2 weeks, and DARNED comfortable. Oh well

Another favorite ancillary tool is this:

I come in with nasty wet boots, they’re dry andf ready for polish the next morning. AND, my feet are always dry and not stinky. That Peet dryer has an ozone generator that kills the smells (only temporarily I’m afraid) in shoes and boot.


Got a pair of these and very impressed thus far. I havent put them through their paces yet, bit so far so good.

Ill try their ankle high deck boot when my cheap bass bro one bite the dust this summer.


Sprinkle some gold bond power in them after your boots are dry.

I wear the ankle high ones. Super good boots but not enough room to slide an insert in and your foot. At least my foot. Dry all day, lightweight but make your feet sore if worn 12 hours a day.

I got the shrimp boots cause they cheap and need to keep them in my truck for field work/pulling tarp. They will be used this summer as needed. I highly recommend them so far though.

I want use my cabelas points for the deck boots, they didnt have my size sonill keep an eye on the website

I figured these boots are worthy of a thread revival - I’ve been wearing xtra tufs since i was a charter fisherman 4 years ago. The normal deck boot does the job fine but they don’t hold up very well and my feet would die after a 14 hour day in those boots. Xtra tuf came out with these deck sports and I grabbed a pair 2 months ago. I’ve been wearing them almost every day and they are the ticket. Most comfortable boots i’ve worn and they’ve held up very well. Basically tennis shoes in xtratuf form. They’re 10/10 as long as you don’t mind looking like you just got off a space station. Fitting look though because you might as well be walking on the moon.


That’s all I wear, except one pair of hux. They typically last about six months

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Those look awesome. Love my Xtra Tuff’s but the flat sole is not ideal for my environment. These look much comfier.

You have these new Sport models?

Yea the normal deck boots are now my mud boots. I washed a HUMONGOUS driveway last week. Took me all day from 7:30 to 6pm and my feet were golden. Not sure how long these sporties are gonna last but it could be 4 months for all i care. The old deck boots lasted me a fishing season before they cracked. Plus if you wear them every day for 6 months in the summer you won’t want to keep them anyway lol

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No, I thought he had linked the normal kind I wear. I ordered a pair about an hour after he linked it :slight_smile:

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Well I hope yours last longer than mine. I’ve been putting them through the ringer though. Wearing almost every day for 10-16 hours a day for the past 4 months but theyre starting to crack. Maybe its the bleach or maybe its because I have a drying rack I put em on at the end of the day. No clue but I’m planning on using some good ole jb qwik weld and seeing how long that lasts.

Not sure if I’m gonna buy another pair or find something else yet. They’re comfortable enough to almost justify a quarterly pair but I enjoy stuff thats built right and not chinese garbage. Might just start rocking the Royal 15" shrimp boots. Theyre $35 and might even last longer.

How do you like the Huk boots? Grundens also makes a pair.

I got a pair about three weeks ago and they have already split. Huk boots are too open at the top and act like a funnel when I wear shorts and it rains. I’m just going to keep wearing the old style Xtra tuffs, they’re cheaper and last longer I think. These new ones didn’t have arch support I thought they would anyway

Yup. From now on its just downstreaming and old xtratufs. Should’ve known these newfangled boots are just like 12 volts and ball valves. For the birds

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I’ve gotta get some rubber boots… Right now I’m using my Red Wing’s that I bought about a year ago when I was doing junk removal. High price tag but they really are amazing and they’re waterproof.

I’d imagine those rubber boots you guys are posting are pretty lightweight… Are the soles pretty flat? Anybody wear them with orthotics or inserts?




How you doing @qons ?

Doing well. Had a lull in phone calls for 2-3 weeks but they picked back up and I have enough biz to carry me through the year.
What about you? How’s the new chem biz going for you?

I don’t like anything over my ankles and I have never had luck with redwings despite buying a lot of their boots. Leather isn’t waterproof. I like the light weight boots but the xtratuffs are to thin to allow an insert, at least for me. I hobble around in the evenings and first thing in the morning with this wretched plantar faciastis nonsense

You too, huh? Mine is awful in the mornings or if I sit for too long like a long car ride it’s bad. Been using the old tennis ball technique and doing some stretches but it still sucks.

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