Favorite degreaser

What’s your favorite degreaser? I have a few biweekly accounts with a fast food chain and I was having no luck with a handful of products. Then I called one of my suppliers and he recommended a product he carries, “WD25”. I don’t want to promote on here but I think most will know who I’m talking about… one of the last owners/suppliers that actually picks up the phone and gives good customer service.

AMAZING stuff. Just one application Has anyone tried it or anything better ?

I have yet to find one that I love but I appreciate the tip. Unfortunately my google search didn’t turn up any local distributors

I’m pretty sure mentioning Southside isn’t verboten. They are ten miles from me, I’ll have to take a look at that WD25 as Red Raider isn’t cutting it for me.

A friend that has only cleaned fast food restaurants for 20 years in Nashville suggests this stuff

Edit: he downstreams it pre-rinse

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The most aggressive product I found is Hot Stain Remover by EaCo Chem. Be careful, it has a ph of 13.5, it will burn you and discolor aluminum. If you use it carefully it’s a very effective cleaner/degreaser.

I’ve used one restore and think it’s great but super expensive. Can I get 10 gallons out of one concentrated pale ?

Spec sheet says dilution as much as 10:1.

I tested BD200 vs WD25 at a Chick-fil-A and the 200 worked better on the black grease.

I finally took @Hotshot 's advice and ordered some HCS400 from Hydrochem. He warned me about using cold water to mix so it wouldn’t melt the bucket. I did use cold but the bucket 6 I got so hot it was sticky on the outside. It also melted a curve into a 1/2 x 18" plastic nipple I used as a stir stick.

At what ratio did you mix it? I have some 400 and never heard of that issue. So he’s saying to mix it with cold water help keep it cool?

Good to know