Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


I’m just excited to know what I am looking at now and knowing what it takes to attack it. So pumped to get out there and hit the ground running. Was a lost soul for a while there lol… Couple of lance’s were bent over the knee


Knowledge is power, and none of us have all of the knowledge. Keep sharing with us!


Property management as I understood it.

I’d prefer to know people’s first names at least.


I was thinking the same thing


I have posted a lot on your specific house washing issue. However, your title is "Out of money, frustrated…"

That is a bigger issue in real life than having a hard time washing a house and having to scrub more than you expected.

Finances are a HUGE part of our business. Do you want to discuss this topic more?


Start a new thread on that. This is a business first. That’s important stuff. We just happen to be good at cleaning stuff. The business side is overlooked a lot I think.


Let me be clear, I am running out of money to keep taking shots in the dark. A lot of these things that I am getting or was getting to fix the problem were less then a hundred us but with shipping to Canada and the Canadian dollar… Trying to find the route of the problem as to why the dirt wasn’t just rinsing off was costing me money as a business. And with the pressure washer not making me any money and eating up thousands I was becoming frustrating.

The window cleaning portion of my business is keeping me in it I was getting tired of dumping money in to potential fixes that people were suggesting.

Now I know I need 15 dollar degreaser… A 30 foot Unger pole lol and some elbow grease. Does anyone have a time machine?


Meant to reply that to Dan my bad Chris


I dropped a ton in to the brand new work van and setup for the pressure washer so it wasn’t even really the grand I had put in to the little tools and fix attempts… It was wondering if it would ever work or if my much larger investment of the pressure washer setup and massive gas guzzling van was worth it haha oh business stress… I love it!! Being your own boss is better then working for anyone else. It’s a beautiful mess.


You should not post that you are “out of money”. There are a lot of members here who have been truly “out of money” in the literal sense.


Running out of money… For this specific aspect of my business. 40 k loan for a van and setup means that without the pressure washer working then yes I am very much out of money!


@squidskc is on track, but its a bit tricky. I also own a property maintenance company. I put myself in a position to accept a job offer a couple years ago that basically made me my own middle man with a management company of 100-150 properties.

My company oversees all of their maintenance on an administrative level and the maintenance gets contracted to me.


That’s a choice. I delivered pizzas at night and worked for a custom closet installer over winter to pay for my marketing for the next season and feed myself a few years ago. Didn’t have to touch my savings once.

The title worked. He got his questions answered and then some. Clickbait works. Lol


work on your technique.
I never use a rag.


So, you are not “out of money”, well congrats, you got me.


I’m currently at my overnight job… I work 96 hours every two weeks doing overnights away from my family from 9:30 at night until 9:30 in the morning working with the developmentally delayed to pay my bills at home to make sure I can be putting money against my debt… Im busting my ass and know what struggle is.


Agreed, but in this case it was just click bait apparently.


The clickbait thing was a joke. What Jordie said about you going from technician to specialist is true here. Running on fumes is an early part of business.

I get what you were trying to say. And I maintain the title got the interest and this has been a pretty good thread. So thanks.


So you want me to change the title to “running out of money” instead of “out of money” because I am attempting to click bait you all in to helping me… That is so twisted


Oh I see… I was about to say what in the sweet christ is happening here. If I was rich I wouldn’t be cleaning up dump and piss off the floors at my overnight job believe me Dan!