Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


For $120 it would be worth buying a Hudson and seeing how chemical resistant it is


Exactly, learning that now… There really is a false view from me and other new guys that it truly is as easy as applying… Waiting… Rinsing… Which in some areas I’m sure is true but very different in other areas like mine which it just doesn’t happen like that. Anyways all good like you said just requires new techniques and tools but believe me that view of house washing is very much what new guys like me think of and see and assume. Wake up call but a challenge and I look forward to it.


You might have a legitimate idea there… Make fallout a walk in the park… Make your own product called fallout 4… Bad ass man.

The squid Xterior pole



The other thing most people don’t know is you can buy the pump sprayer wands and link them into a super long one. I think they sell them at farm and fleet up to 12’ long.

Run a hose like you do with the wfp on an extension pole but put a pump sprayer fan tip on it. You can pump spray at height. I think agitation is the key in most cases though.


I’d rather just wash stuff. Lol


Hahaha true but a good idea is a good idea brother, some kind of application for waterfed pole users to destroy fallout

I dig it.




This could work I suppose, interesting.


What’s that Jordie?


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So, when I did that post about Acid wash on a vinyl siding house, I got a response from a veteran on these forums who said that “I could have just asked and then used… xxx product” , but the real issue is that we face challenges that are unique to our local or whatever. The most important thing you can learn from these forums is the principles behind the techniques. Also, product availability is an issue, especially for newer guys.

And, don’t ever assume that you won’t need to use an extension pole and a brush.

It is absolutely lovely when dirt just washes off, but I have my unger pole and brush ready to use.

It may be similar to window cleaning in that for the most part, you just mop and squeegee the glass. But, if there is bird crap, or old tape residue, or something, you have a razor or steel wool ready to fix the problem.

Have all the tools that you need at your disposal and either charge ahead of time for the fix, or do it in a timely fashion and learn for the next time.


I’m assuming that’s for a WFP exclusively? I’m unfamiliar with those fittings.


Great post.

Why and how do things “stick” to other things? What is actually happening on a microscopic level?
What is agitation and why is it part of most cleaning processes?

These are fundamental questions when it comes to any cleaning.

Understanding why water abrasion works helps answer the question “why not”, when it doesn’t work.


I’m tempted to go back to a lady that I said I wasn’t able to clean because the dirt didn’t come off and offer to try again. That being said it was oxidized aluminum… So I don’t think I will


Yes, for wfp.


Always turn aluminum down. The end product is never one anyone is happy with.


Yeah it wasa brave move on my part but I never had a chance, I spent a solid half an hour on the phone with fat Joe and he said the same thing… A window cleaning customer that wanted to try the new services and I accepted the challenge… And then face planted.


@FATJOE Chris should post more. Good dude. Thread derail #435752: you know he’s running two businesses that support each other? He’s a smart guy.


So far I have learned 3 main things: SH will remove any organic materials (black, brown) , Water Abrasion will remove any surface dirt…

However, once there is any oxidization(which may not be visible), use tiger striping as an example, the dirt or polution or tar or whatever is in the top layer. I am no chemist, but gutter zap works for tiger striping on gutters, and zep calcium remover worked for vinyl siding fallout.

I cant answer your question, but I can say that there is a real difference between dirt that is surface dwelling, and dirt or staining.


I didn’t kkow that acctually… I’m always hesitant to drop first names on this haha but Chris is the man. Always picked up for me and given it to me straight, he’s a beauty. What’s the business… Hedge trimming or landscaping to dirty the house then wash the house?