Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


It’s a good title. You’re on the right track. Keep it up.


The point is: Maybe you worded it wrong, but some of us (myself included) have actually been at the point where we have been “out of money” your words.

And it has been a struggle to get up and fix it, that is probably a major understatement.

If you state that you are “out of money” on this forum, do not think that we are rich and fat and don’t know what that statement truly means.

Many of us have been “out of money” and it has been the reason why we have cracked down so hard on ourselves, and busted our asses.j

I don’t know what else to say.


From a guy who has also been in that boat… Which is why I have my own company as a way to get out of being broke… I did not mean it like that at all and hope you see that. Don’t like people thinking I did something completely effed like that, goes against my character. Didn’t even think of the wording until you mentioned it… I meant running out of money which I am when it comes to this Damn pressure washer. Anyways it’s been changed, but I think you are mixing my words around a bit here which is painting me in a really messed up light to those who are reading. It urches me. From one grinder to another.


I actually want to commend you for reaching out here and not being afraid of asking the questions until you got the answers. That tenacity serves you well and is what is needed in this business.

The OP and title reflects the frustration you were feeling. No need to argue semantics.

I too was feeling similarly this year when it came to investment vs ROI.


Shazam. That’s the word I couldn’t recall.


Don’t worry about offending anyone man. 1/3 of people are going to like you, 1/3 aren’t, and 1/3rd probably don’t care. Just the way it is.

Unless you’re @Innocentbystander then like 3 of us like you. :slight_smile:


ROI? Have you guys been talking to my wife?! :grin:


Let’s move on. We can grind and fuking win. No problem, but maybe we could start a thread about it?


Yeah but maybe you should be in charge of naming it. Either way I am down as F. Bed time for this guy, goodnight thread.


Come on man, fix your title.


Someone fixed it for me lol I have literally no idea who did… It literally just changed.


I use 1 oz per gal on a direct app. He’s downstreaming at 10-1, so 25oz in 4 gal is not too much.


O I though he said he was using 25 oz in 4 gallons not 40


lol…make that 3 1/2…hahahaa


Well I’m putting that much in to four gallons of SH in a bucket but I guess it’s based off how much comes out of the gun. It gave it nice soap, the foamer from lafferty (40 ss model) really does a good job of sticking to the vinyl, it can reach two story peaks to which was surprising. Very excited for my next house wash, I think it might be the first real successful one!


You will have much better sucess without the foaming gun on housewashes


^ agreed…and that’s way to much surfactant. No point in using that much.


Yeah I think I’m going to take some out now that I have the foamer. I also ordered the right tips for my jrod since the current ones are completely wrong. It’s trial and error for me, getting there. I do love the foamer though! I have the m5ds Aswell so the tools are there, trial and error and preference time now.


Yeah and it’s expensive… Close to 175 bucks a five gallon pale when you factor in the shipping from the states and the dollar conversion to canadian


if its the 3-7gpm I’ll buy that m5ds from you