Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


You just blew my mind sir, I’m trying.


Thanks man. Glad it’s helpful.

There’s the sku. They’re at Home Depot in the paint department. I have them everywhere.

Also good for hornets nests are these. Just round off the edges on a grinder and use it like a shaving razor and not a box knife.

New Construction Clean Up

They look like this now. Sku is the same


Unreal man thanks. I’ll do a video soon of me doing a house wash to see if I’m doing things right or if I can save some time etc. Your youtube channel is awesome to, tonight’s task for myself. Watch that content.


One last thing acctually. You mention spraying the degreaser on the rag do you have it in a pump sprayer? Or are you dunking it in a bucket that has degreaser, silly question but I’m curious to make sure I’m following the proper steps.


Both works. Doesn’t matter. I keep most stuff in the handheld pump sprayers.

Like the pic I posted above. Better than squirt bottles.


F9 worked really well for me with that stuff. Still have to use pump up sprayer to apply chem… but then u just rinse off.


Your area might be like mine. It seems metallic. F9 is the expensive option though. Cheap degreaser works.


As stated above price accordingly for it though. F9 is expensive.


I like barkeepers friend foam for the reddish and silvery stuff. It has oxalic and its super mildly abrasive.


Great vid! Thanks squidy!

Bottom line: Learn what chems to use, and when you will need to agitate, and charge accordingly.


Thinking out loud…
Pure water and a boars hair brush?


So do you scale the ladder to apply? Or is there a pump up sprayer that can get that two story distance I’m looking for.


Nope. Fallout needs to be broken up, more than just a brush.


Buddy… It acctually was a joke that I tried it on a house and it worked… Sucked at rinsing the stuff off so you would need to switch to your pressure washer but it does work. Just isn’t practical… Can you imagine how upset I was when my expensive setup and chemical couldn’t touch the grime and then my waterfed pole took it off like it was nothing… It almost went on craigslist that night but I took a serious fiver.


I’m sure that’d work beautifully. As long as the surface tension is broken and a little agitation occurs, it usually cleans up.


@Patriotspwashing just posted a backpack pump sprayer, water fed pole that started turning my wheels about delivering chems through the brush.


I KNOW!!! I am on board this train too bro.


What train is this… A pole that can acctually put chemical on… You do get unreal scrubbing torque on a high quality wfp


It is just learning what the right tools are for the problem.