Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


Man I hate you’ve hate all the trouble you’ve had. I guess I’m in one of those places where things just work. I’ve a few trouble spots here and there, but overall SH and Elemonator has worked very well for me. I’d definitely follow Brodie’s advice but I think I’d have to keep trying some stuff here and there until you could find something that works well in your area. Maybe get a little EBC and try to DS it and see. I’d keep grinding and keep trying things here and there when you can and when you have a little extra money to throw at something new. Keep grinding man!




Link please!


Yeah I’m not giving up it will work out I know it, it’ll be a cool story to tell my grandkids one day when this bad boy grows and grows in to something they inherit. It’s not supposed to be easy. I’ll keep messing around but I think I’m on to something here with the fallout and selling it as just that… Something a house wash can’t cover and will need to be taken care of by scrub brush and pole. I’ll look in to the product you just mentioned cause I have no idea what that stands for haha I’m sure a quick search and I will see it.



You like the foamer?
If you still see dirt, like shown on the video, it means you did not rinse well, and missed that spot.
Are you rinsing with a 0040?


I loved it… It’s not the foamer though it’s just the way it is out here I think it needs to be scrubbed. I am using the 0040. Even straight SH out of a pump out sprayer didn’t do anything to it… Only thing that worked was degreaser and a scrub brush then rinse


No need to scrub, your finger will always be more efficient than 4000psi.
Ypu just have to work on your technique.
Application and rinse


Not understanding that last post Amigo. I’ll take a video for you Tomorow of my technique… This isn’t rinsing it’s simply not coming off unless it’s agitated… I even took pressure to it and it did nothing! Only thing that worked was the degreaser… The clr worked too and I’m excited to see if the degreaser or clr will work by itself without agitation if it’s stronger and not down streamed which was the only thing I tried… Luckily the foam from the degreaser was all I needed with a scrub brush to get rid of it.


I thought I made a video without turning the phone… last 2 minutes. Catty wampus. Lol. I’m GOING to get better at videos.


It stands for Enviro Bio Cleaner. I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried it myself but from what I hear people have good results with it. Its a degreaser and I think it can be DS’ed but I’m honestly not sure about that. Like $28 a gallon so not exactly cheap but might be worth a shot when you have a little extra money. Another tool in your tool box any way. And if it doesn’t work, you can always use it on your flatwork so its not wasted money.


And I just realized the thumbnail looks like I’m trying to fist fight.


Buddy can’t thank you enough, going to watch it in an hour or so I’ve got some stuff going on but it looks awesome. Your the man.


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Man that was such an awesome video. That piece that connects your brush to your Unger pole is awesome. What kind of connection piece is that? The one that is connected to the pole and connects to the brush? I’m going to try that for sure. Rag… Clip… Brush… Pole… Degreaser… Love it. Thanks buddy. Subscribed.