Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


Who said Dawn? When people say to use dawn as surfactant it’s like someone telling me taxation is necessary…



Squid is there any way of telling this stuff on a quote? I guess experience but it’s so hard to see if its Gunna come off with just SH. I did have one SH job that it worked perfectly so they are out there here. Ordering that brush tonight.


Yes. When you talk to them on the phone and ask what the house is sided with. If they say vinyl or painted siding, ask what color. If they say white or light anything, ask if they’ve noticed dark grime near the eaves and soffits.

If they say yes, explain what it is and that those typically won’t come clean with pressure washing or soft washing, but require hand scrubbing and it’s an up charge.

If they say no or I don’t know, explain that it’s likely there and it won’t typically come completely clean with pressure washing her soft washing, that requires hand scrubbing and it’s an up charge.


In fact, you could begin to add it to your phone script for every house: “Our area has a problem with fall out, are you familiar with what that is?”


Amazing… Any way I can pry your pricing from you on this kind of stuff? Extra hundred bucks or is it more specific the number you come to.


Hold fast, I’m going to make you a video.


Sure shot you had some good stuff too buddy you get a raise to. A virtual high five.


@squidskc you deserve a raise


acid would take that right off, gets some aluminum brightner and direct apply it and watch the majic happen before your eyes


Awesome thread guys. Learned alot about “fallout” and ratios. Big problems for a noob like me and obviously not alone in that frustration. Got alot of really good info on both topics so thanks!


It would be amazing if there was something that could be downstreamed for fallout that didn’t require

2- scaling a ladder with a pump up or back pack sprayer

Its so much easier from the ground!


Oh buddy… I’ve been chewed up and spit out so far… If it wasn’t for this thread I would be down thousands of dollars and would be needing multiple fistfulls of drywall replaced. This thread was a game changer for me.


You could keep 2 gallons of degreaser in 5 gallon bucket on your trailer and use a 30 ft pole with soft brush as was mentioned earlier to apply to the trouble areas. That keeps you on the ground


Yeah that’s what I’m going to aim for at this point. This is all promising stuff… It’s everywhere and if I can sell it as a service that can only be done by scrubbing and hand labor it should be very profitable… It’s easy stuff any laborer can do it… The frustrating part was thinking it wasn’t fallout that it was just mildue and dirt like everyone here talks about and wondering why it wasn’t bleeding off like the videos I have seen on this forum, at least now I know what it is and how it is addressed.


there’s the discussion on how much of the snotmenade to put in per gallon. He said 7 ounces is right per gallon, so 25-28 for four gallons. It did work it was super sticky.


Link the thread please


And squid I am using the lafferty 40ss foamer. Really liked it… Can shoot pretty high to, wind can catch the foam and throw it a round a bit but loved the way it produced a thick sticky mix on the vinyl. It was recommended to me by another forum member who loves it as well.


Never mind I found it


Once the video uploads to YouTube im gonna show you a magic trick so you never have to get on a ladder for it.


Last thing, I don’t mean to blow up thread, but I’m fairly certain CLR is diluted muriatic acid. Or maybe phosphoric acid. Somebody else can correct me if I’m wrong, but you should get the MSDS for it. I don’t know that I would spray any aluminum or metal brightner on vinyl siding for the reason that there’s galvanized nails underneath, screws, there’s aluminum flashing over head. Acid is pretty tough stuff even diluted when there are more benign cleaners that will do the job.