Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


There’s a different chemical for everything, hard to have all of them on hand. Maybe one day when I have my own shop and can store them all.


So I downstreamed both the degreaser and the clr

Both seemed to create streaks but wouldn’t remove it… Simply put it needs to be brushed… But it did come right off! I will just have a laborer for the days when we do house washes and have them do the scrubbing… Lots of houses in Ottawa with fallout then. The three first pieces of vinyl from the roof dowm are always terrible and the main reason people call.

Can anyone recommend a good brush or pad that can go on the end of a pole to agitate these areas with degreaser?

I have admitted defeat and realize that scrubbing is needed on every house in Ottawa due to the fallout that seems to be here… I wonder if The extreme cold and winter has something to do with it.


It’s crazy how some don’t deal with fallout that much… I wonder if this has to do WI u Canada cold climate.


Holy crap that sucks… wouldn’t that turn a 2 hour job into like a 4-5 hour job? If having to do the scrubbing all over the house?


Price accordingly.


This brush works great for applying chemical. It holds quite a bit of gutter grenade when applying to gutters so you don’t have to keep dipping



I haven’t spent half of what you have spent. Get your pressure washer set up with a downstream injector. Nothing fancy at all and just use 5 gallons bleach and one squirt of dawn or eleminator, or nothing at all. Or add a scoop of oxyclean and spray and wait. Garuntee you will be blowing and going. All this stuff like snotminade or eleminator are ok but super expensive. You will be surpised how good dawn and oxyclean work. Cut down on the soap though, i find on vinyls you dont really need it. ******* dawn with bleach****** if the mold is super thick half bleach with water and oxyclean. Its coming off like a prostitutes pantys.


I dont mean to be rude. Get some oxyclean. My man.


Not being rude you just haven’t seen what I have posted before. This is fallout as squid said… I have tried and done everything… Even straight bleach out of a pump sprayer and nothing. Sucks but the stuff needs to be scrubbed with clr or degreaser… I will charge accordingly and a laborer will be doing that part! Sucks… Anyone else from a cold climate or anyone else who deals with fallout like this?


I have a downstream injector man… I have everything and more my set up is top of the line! It’s not the setup it’s what I’m dealing with here… Sucks that I’ll have to scrub but if that’s what I gotta do then so be it.


I always thought the consensus on here was not to use dawn?


This is what I meant by the top three or four pieces of vinyl closest to the roof are drastically worse then the rest… Fallout? Seems like it cause it doesn’t come off


Do a lot of people heat with wood? I wonder if that is part of it? I heat with wood and get horrible downdrafts because of a ravine so a lot of the smoke from the chimney comes towards ground level. Just a thought.


Not really? But every house in Ottawa that hasn’t been cleaned… Vinyl wise… Has this… Three terrible pieces right by the top of the vinyl. The dirt comes off but the stain remains unless you scrub like I did today with degreaser. Good news is this brutal scrubbing can be passed on to a laborer and I have come to terms with the idea that scrubbing is just part of it in my area. Seeing some videos on YouTube is what made me get the system… The apply,dwell,rinse method just hasn’t worked for me despite trying everything… Now I know that it’s just a certain thing that’s causing it to be this way and that thing just so happens to involve degreaser and scrubbing as the only method to remove it. I will jump the prices up and continue to grind.


Well I will tell you this is not rocket science, I have read a lot on this forum " a lot of great information and some not so great". I am not a 99 dollar guy, I make a average of 300 on a house. A large 2 story house between 2000 and 2500 square feet takes me from set up and take down 2 to 2.5 hours. I use a Sams 3200 psi 2.7 gpm Simpson with the Honda engine that down streams and a 3 year warranty. I use 10% pool bleach from Walmart and good smelling gain dish soap. I pour 3 gallons of BLEACH and 5 oz " I guess of gain" in a bucket. I have 150 feet of good 3/4 hose and 2 guns, one with a 36" lance and the other just the gun, and a Jrod that I don’t use. I shoot the house even at 3 story’s with a yes pink tip, let dwell and rinse off. I have never had a complaint or left a house dirty and have never had to rewash after first application. Like I said you learn a lot here, have insurance and LLC, cover holes, tape electrical and cover anything that can be damaged. I have read many times on here that you don’t need that much soap (snot or other) 25 oz seems way to much, but maybe I am wrong. I also think someone has B.S. you on the % of your bleach. Before I started reading here I was using 6 % and was still doing fine, just took longer. Sometimes the simple way is the best way. Just my two cents worth of advise. Don’t give up just try to simplify things. I have made plenty of money doing this side work to buy several trailers and washers, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on something when this is working. One day I will buy a bigger washer just so I can see if it is any faster. I hope I haven’t offended anyone here because I totally respect the guys that do this as a profession, but again this is not rocket science and people here try to get to technical with it.


Lol. I said that. Did you miss it?

You can’t downstream it. 50/50 degreaser in a pump up and scrub with a soft brush.

Soft unger brush and a 30’ unger pole. Or a stiff brush with a rag clipped to it.


Yeah I think I was in denial wanting it to be rinse and wash… Definetly didn’t know that the dirt couldn’t be removed because it was fallout. Now that I know that and that it will need to be scrubbed just changes how I approach my pricing and scheduling and labor. It sucks that its here but it seems to be everywhere. I get some people on here saying it’s not rocket science and its so easy… It’s probably cause your in a different climate or dealing with different stuff on the vinyl. My situation here just happens to be terrible fallout as squid has said. Sucks that it is this way and probably explains why there is very few house washing services in Ottawa. I have talked with Fatjoe for a long time over the phone… Not once has he had to scrub a house, not once. But that’s his area! Maybe it’s different maybe it’s the winter who knows… But trust me if it was just mold and mildue it would have came off by now lol I have tried everything short of taking the vinyl off and running it threw a car wash one piece at a time. Definetly going to order that pole and brush thanks squid!! And hire a laborer lol!!

Next question… Who wants a cheap m5ds nozzle…

And yes it has been very soapy but once again… I asked a question and Ryder who knows his stuff gave me the breakdown of what he would be putting in per gallon of SH if I wanted more stick to the vinyl. He did and it worked… Lots of soap but worked great just never had a chance due to the fallout.

Anyways I’m excited for the future, lots of scrubbing but the stuff does come off which is great.


That’s true. You just can’t teach some people though.


I’ve heard that too, I’ve learned to listen to everything but try some things for myself haha


If it’s fireplace smoke, you want EBC.

Fallout, ultimately is not biological. It’s smoke, and ash and pollution and whatever else airborne sticks to houses that can’t be cleaned with SH.

Fallout is a catch all term for schmoo that could be 1 of 100 different things.