Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


Depends on the chemical, some already have a surfactant. I might have a link on this site…


Just an observation, if anyone wants to spend money on the Rucker washing school, send me your money. I’ll burn it in the wood stove. You will end up with the same amount oid money spent, same knowledge earned, and I’ll warm the cabin some




On my way to home depot now to buy Thi stuff so any off the top info you have right now would be great… If this works…


Just by degreaser. I promise you it works better than anything else your body. Especially an acid.


I sprayed it on straight, with a pumpsprayer. Not sure about DSing this stuff. Let it dwell for 5-10 minutes, do not let it dry!!!

Try to pressure wash it off, if it still remains, give it a light scrubb and you should be golden.


Just buy a degreaser. It works better than anything else you will buy. Especially an acid. Talk to text loves making me look like an idiot.


I know squid but I have to scrub with that stuff like you said right? If this acid wash can do it without scrubbing… I would be happy as hell


Damn so it does have to be applied and brushed… I’ll give it a try here


Going to try both… Also going to try down streaming for the purpose of science… Should I try mixing it with surfactant?


I don’t think you need a surfactant for either.


Okay I’ll let you know how it goes stand by


Please do!


Hopefully this with a foamer gun will let it stick on long enough


So this is what happened with ten minutes of down streaming calcium lime and rust…


Very educational for me. I missed the prior thread. I hadn’t heard of fallout. Thanks very much everyone.


Let me know how it goes. I’d absolutely try the degreaser and a brush before I escalate though.

What foamer are you using?

I’d honestly just apply it with the brush or small pump up.


It’s very real. Lol best to point it out on white houses and mention the only way to get it off costs more.

Your best bet is that they say no thanks so you get on to the next house.


It looks to me like your mix is too weak. Go for a straight up pump and spray, no dillution. You can always dilute on the next project


This is a great point. I think a lot of this business is learning to identify issues, have solutions and a price for each. You should be able to tell if a house can be fully cleaned with SH or will need extra chems and work, and have a price ready for the extra work. Tiger striping on eaves is a great example.