Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


Message from an old fart. Take a breath. Then one step at a time. You can do this but one step at a time. That’s too much surfactant for a normal house wash. Rick may have been recommending it for specific situation. One step at a time. You got this!


I know but I have literally taken twenty steps… I’m running out of money tokeep trying new stuff! I want this to work and I’ve proven that in everything I have bought and tried… When is this going to work? About to try straight SH then SH with less surfactant stay tuned. No plants or paper plants near me I live in suburbia


Generally 1ounce per gallon.


Okay so just put straight SH I’ll let you know how it goes! So far nothing the dirt just stays there

That has straight 12.5 on it downstreamed

Dark areas on vinyl

So none of it came off with 12.5 straight in a bucket… Now I will try it with less surfactant!


That’s fall out. Using way too much surfactant. Half an ounce per gallon is more than sufficient.

You can clean the fall out with degreaser and a brush or magic erasers. Super cheap stuff.

It’s almost always on white or super light colored houses. Next time set expectations and charge appropriately. Consider this tuition.


SH isn’t going to touch it


This is a free house it’s my parents! So this is fallout… I’ll have to research that… Cause your right it comes off with a brush but how do you tell what fall out is compared to dirt… Starting to think it’s all fall out here in Ottawa!


Rub your finger on it. It’s greasy. Sometimes metallic.


Are you near an airport or industry like Alex asked?


No not at all not anywhere close to any of those, it’s suburbia here just vinyl house after vinyl house. This material seems to be worse towards the top of the house or worse towards the vinyl closest to the roof. Top three or four pieces.


If I rub my finger on it… It feels like dirt or chalky… Doesn’t feel greasy…


Ok, so this is the second time I have seen you are having this problem, and in a previous thread you were told to use an acid wash. Yet, all I hear is your frustration with SH. Could you let us know if you actually tried acid to get rid of the fallout or not?


If this is the case and it is “fallout”… Then I need to come up with something here cause the fallout is what people are calling about and seems to be on every single house in Ottawa… I don’t know if I want to be scrubbing every house lol!! Wow I really thought that this would work boys! Colossal disappointment so far, maybe it’s where I live… This apply rinse and watch the magic stuff seems to only happen in the states.


Dan when was I told to use an acid wash? I have never or never remember seeing any of this… If I had I would have tried it considering that I have spent a thousand dollars after the fact on tools surfactants tips etc to try and fix this


See above.


Dan… Holy shit…


Going to buy it right now and try it… Buddy… I never saw that I don’t think or don’t remember


So for this acid wash with this stuff… Do I put surfactant in it to Dan? Please I’m going to buy it right now… If this works I have hit a gold mine because everywhere in Ottawa is like this


No worries. I ran into the same situation as you. Used an acid wash and the fallout dissappeared. Here is my blog about it. http://www.danthewindowman.ca/blog/pressure-washing-in-whitby-white-vinyl-siding-cleaning.html