Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


Maybe your right! Another head forum member recommended it to me he has been using it for years since at the time the consensus was on here that my surfactant wasn’t sticking long enough for the SH to do its job towards the top of the vinyl… That it was running down hense not cleaning it off.


I think with shipping from Canada your almost better to just get one brand new unless your in Canada and we can probably work something out. Might hang on to it though just another tool in the shed, relatively cheap as well.


good point… I was honestly just about to buy one and i figured if I could save $20 bucks or so, why not.


They work really well.


yeah I’m using J-rod right now, but after watching videos of people using the m5ds I really want to give it a try


Next thing is to get a gun with a smaller Lance or no Lance at all. Gets a little annoying having to flip it around to switch tips on the jrod, small thing but gets annoying I have found.


I was just considering creating a thread about this very issue. This doesn’t change your situation any but I’m dealing with this “fall out” as well. It seems to only be in the denser part of New Orleans or near roads that are traveled by freight trucks. My guess is road soot. I was hoping to find an easy fix because scrubbing sucks. After reading all 202 replies the consensus is scrubbing. FML


Do you use the same technique that squid uses and showed in that kick ass video? If not what is your technique when dealing with it?


oh yeah on one of my guns I don’t have a lance at all, usa that like 90% of the time.


Very similar. I just add an extra 1/2oz of eliminator to my HW, apply downstreamed, scrub with a soft bristle automotive brush on an extension pole. The stuff comes right off with agitation. It’s just time consuming. I was hoping to learn of a chemical to do the scrubbing. From reading this thread it doesn’t appear that there is.


We work hard, so you don’t have to!
Remember Scrubbing Bubbles!
Same problem, just 50 years later!


I was just ordering some plant wash from soft wash systems as recommended by racer. While browsing the site to see what else they offer I ran across this. Terra Wash. It sounds promising. I’m going to order some. Ill update here as to how it works out. Has anyone else used this successfully?



I have some that I add to my Green Wash if it has a lot of non-organic. Does pretty well, but I don’t use it a lot. Just keep a gallon or so around.


I just had a customer today uptown. The house was full of “fall out”. I did the normal house wash and it still looked bad, so I didn’t charge them. Its a real state agent that’s sending me work regularly. I told them it would be 550 to scrub the whole house. Id rather not even get the 550 tbh. Hopefully this stuff works


:joy: I call unequivocal BS on that before and after.


It is bs. I imagine them pouring a bottle of miracle grow into a bucket off water and grinning while they put the fresh wash sticker on it lol

Carwash soap as a surfactant?

Butyl glycolether, 1-5%, according to the SDS.

The data sheet doesn’t even mention any other ingredients like buffers or a “proprietary blend”.

So you’d probably be better off finding a good source of butyl degreaser and diluting it accordingly.

Also, SoftWash Systems assumes you’ll be direct applying with a their 12v system :roll_eyes:, so in order to get the appropriate dilution downstreaming, you’d have to add roughly 10x as much to your mix. That’d get ‘spensive really quick.


I’ve read in a few places that you shouldn’t mix bleach and degreaser together. I haven’t got into any specifics other then don’t do it. The instructions for mixing this says to mix with bleach. So I’m assuming that there are some other degreasers similar to this and possibly cheaper that should be stable with bleach as well?


I’m sure there are some degreasers that are not stable with bleach. But none are coming to mind, at the moment. Most butyl or caustic degreasers should be fine with bleach, since bleach is caustic, and has Sodium Hydroxide already in it.

It’s really more the substrate (surface you’re cleaning) that you should be worried about, since many degreasers have a stripping and oxidizing effect. Anodized aluminum is especially sensitive. And if you’re using straight chemicals in your mix, the concentrations will get strong enough to strip paint and “burn” glass if you’re not careful.


I think I’ll stick to the $21 per gallon terra wash. It’s worth a shot. I don’t have the time or will to take chemistry lessons. It probably won’t work, but it’s $20. I ordered some last night. I’ll update here when I test it.