Facebook video advertising

Here is my new Facebook ad. I haven’t had much success in the past with Facebook. Hopefully the video is more engaging then my previous before/after text and pic ads. Will report back here how the campaign goes. You just can’t beat the price of Facebook ads vs eddm, print, magazine, etc. we shall see.


I like it but I got confused when I was watching it. Am I learning how to do it myself or looking to hire you? I’d loose the how to comments. I have awesome luck with Facebook video adds!

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Good video, but I would change the music. My opinion Richard Wagner Ride of the Valkyries.

  1. Don’t record vertically.
  2. Don’t make it a how to.
  3. The footage is terrible.
  4. Footage makes it look like a long slow video.
  5. Don’t show your portable equipment.
  6. Too much content at the end.
  7. Music was terrible, use upbeat techno.
  8. At least you’re working on an ad.
  9. Is your company called affordable?
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I’ve been reading up on different marketing strategies and this goal of this particular style “how to” is to capture there attention quickly with the how to title and format but still sell it as well. People are either going to do it themselves or not. I’m just trying to get there attention for longer then 3 seconds. This is some trail and error. Will report back. It’s been up for a couple hours and just got my first job.

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95.1% of Facebook users use their phone in portrait mode to view Facebook. So it only makes sense to format it as such. How to articles are often used to engage customers, then make a sales pitch as well. I’m thinking more people will actually view it as it is formatted. What’s so terrible about the footage? Luckily for me 99.9% of customers are not critical of your portable equipment as users on this forum are. Most of them are amazed by basic stuff we all know here. Your dealing with people who either don’t own a pressure washer at all, or if they do it’s a ryobi electric. The music is geared towards middle aged women, not early 20’s techno extacy pill poppers. I think it’s pretty obvious what my company is called from the video or my user profile. Thanks for your input and advice but I think it’s misguided and uniformed.

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I just checked the song out. I love it! The current ad I have FB set to target women only, thus the song choice. I’m going to use your suggestion on a separate campaign. Thanks!

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I agree with everyone joshh said. Just because a marketing book says a how-to video is the new way to gain clients doesn’t mean it will work. Also, starting at $79??? Good luck. Seriously, I hope you get jobs from it.

Thanks me too. $79 is just to grab there attention. It’s an add on to the house wash, not a solo service. Up to a certain sqft. It averages out to be .08c-.10c / sqft

Damn typo! I need spell check within my photo editing app. My spelling is horrible without it. Thanks for pointing that out

Alright, cool.
Run that pooch and tweak it as needed.
Good luck man

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I understand your idea now and the target audience, keep up the good work.

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I like what you’re trying to do here, but… don’t take this personally because it’s purely one guy’s marketing perspective/opinion

But I don’t care for much of it at all from a marketing perspective.

But I’ve also never made a FB video ad.

I’ll try to get into more detail later, but I only have a few minutes before Emma gets home from the store and I’m supposed to not be working. Lol

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Sure. I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

Sorry for the delay.

I don’t care for the music whatsoever. I like that you’re working in it, but if you’re going to market to women and play “she works hard for the money” I think that you should probably have a woman washing.

It’s a confusing message.

You’re right about How To videos being interesting, but if you’re trying to sell something behind it you’re not really showing anyone how to do anything. Again, a little confusing.

I agree that some people watch videos on facebook in portrait mode, but 95.1% seems high. I’d love to see the stats. Square videos solve both problems and you can put them on instagram if I remember correctly.

Also, your ad says Starting At $79, but you say that’s an add-on. So it actually starts after the price of a house wash. You WILL have a homeowner or three call you out on that and then you may get stuck doing a couple $79 driveway over 2 hours which is only $40 an hour if you’re including set up and breakdown in that. There also may be a legality issue in it. I don’t know.

Most driveways take 30 minutes. Two pass cleaning is excessive. As it is, the message is confusing.

I’d change it to market instant curb appeal, bring the focus back to your flower beds, etc. “We tackle the projects you’ve been asking your husband to do for years!” Something like that. I’d also change the pricing language.

I’d change the music to instrumental only with no words.

The cards at the end look very familiar. :wink: That’s okay. Use them, but limit it to one and then maybe two or three full screen before and afters. The last card is very busy for it’s short time. Also, put a deadline on the call to action. Instant curb appeal! Only $79 with house wash for 5 days ONLY!

Consider paying a youtube video creator or two on fiverr to make 2 different video ads so you can split test them.

I had a couple more thoughts, but I know that’s a lot to start with.


Thanks for the feedback, and meaningfully articulating it. The more I’m looking at it, the more I see the flaws. That’s just part of the process. Trial and error. The next video project I do will be highlighting the benefits of hiring a professional vs diy. Going to video the lights being bagged, outlets taped, watering plants, and even put my hand to the water at the end of the wand to demonstrate low pressure. This might make for more appeal to call to action. Maybe some time lapse on a really bad house. Thoughts?

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And yes they should look familiar lol. I figured that’s what they were there for. Ultimately, maybe next year I’m going to change the whole strategy from the ground up. Change the name of the company, affordable seems lower end, and my prices are not. I’ve had a few people joke about that actually. I’m going to try and just do a dba and keep my infrastructure. I’m still in very early phases of growing no doubt about it.

Write those ideas down in a notebook, but fix what you have here first. I think your idea is 100% marketable if it’s packaged right. And I think marketing to women from 28-60 is a GREAT route to go especially if they’re in stay at home mom groups or mom blogs, etc. That’s a fantastic market to be in.

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This was one of my other thoughts. Lol

You should change your business name yesterday so you don’t get pigeonholed into being ‘that’ guy.

With a name like that you’re going to get lost in the crowd. I really think it’s hurting you everyday you market that name.

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I started this business on a whim. So it all got thrown together. Originally my intent with the name was to appear in the most search results on google. I’m not familiar with AdWords or SEO so I just picked a basic name that would be searched for frequently. It seemed to have worked to some degree. I’m getting about 25% of my business from google searches. No SEO. With the said, it’s just awkward to be named affordable and charge slightly above average. Often I can see it in people’s face when I quote them. They still sign up for the services mostly. I’d like to market more towards the quality side of things vs the price like I originally thought I would. Then again, when it first started I didn’t see the opportunity that I see now.