Facebook Automated Ads

I made this walk-through video for setting up Facebook Automated Campaign Ads. This is definitely geared toward someone starting out or wanting to increase their ROI. I started my budget at one dollar a day then in January started two more ads at five dollars a day. The best performing photos are pictures of a surface cleaner and a half clean half dirty driveway and of my truck.

I’ve now been running them for three solid months and my ROI is still high:
Spent since Dec 13th $469
Return $10,269
$21.89 made for each $1 spent


Good stuff man. I’m gonna give it a try with some timelapse videos I made.

Also, holy crap is that a lot of tabs.


Why did you set the budget so low to begin with? Was it for experimental purposes? Could I just jump up to $10/day from the start?

I run a lot of stuff besides pressure washing haha. I’ve got one ad with 6 time lapse videos running and one with 6 still photos running. They both perform well. The pics get a little more direct contact but in general I get a lot of texts and calls from people saying they saw my FB ads.

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I was testing the waters. Now days I’m running $14 a day total. I just started my google ads a few days ago as well. But yes your results would (should) be better at $10 a day.

How offten your getting leads?
I’m running an ad now on FB. I’m not blessed with getting a lot of Word-of-mouth leads.
When I go on Ad Manager I see my ad but when I go on Ad Center I don’t see it…

Here is what Mine looks like

Sometimes ad center will lag. Mine did for months and now works.

My direct leads are 13, 16, and 9. But I get a lot of direct texts and calls from people seeing my FB ads. You have to ask the customer how they heard about you to accurately track your metrics if the lead doesn’t directly generate from FB.

I would saw I get contacted once a day sometimes 3-4 times a day.

With mine they are replying to me through Messenger. The only way they can get my Number is if they click on my Business FB Page (I might figure out a way to put my number in maybe in the description)
im running 4 days now. 2-3x a day I get contacts via Messenger. A lot of them say they accidently click on them which effects my impression stats.

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I hate the accidental clicks. Setting my ad’s age range to younger people fixed that. Unfortunately the older people are also my prime customers. Lol

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I put they can call or text me in the ad. A lot of people like the “privacy” of that vs a Facebook message.


Here are mine, 6 of them are videos.

OK I just added the phone number in the ad and I put an option for them to see my number through my ads messaging template when they click “Get Quote” Hopefully this works better.

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Make sure you guys check the ad audience once it goes active. Twice in a row now when I make new ad campaigns, as soon as it goes from “in review” to “active,” the ad audience switches from my targeted locale to “United States,” and defaults all other audience settings as well. Very annoying.

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Now you got me wondering what else you run…

I rent my car out via Turo, digital media stuff, and dabbling in future industries.

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Wonderful contribution from a major influencer in the industry !


Im having decent success with it. Spent about $50 in ads so far and generated about 600 in business so far, with more estimates yet to give.

One irritating thing I found is that out of the 6 versions of the ad I am able to post, facebook does not display them evenly, so I am unable to truly test them. One ad gets preferential treatment, but not based on responses. Makes it hard to tell which one is actually working best.

I track which photos get the most views which also receive the most messages. They track consistently over multiple ads. My recent ad was a combination of all the best photos.

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I love this. I’ve been using this strategy for not even a week and it is awesome.

5 conversations started and closed 3. $12.45 spend and a little over $400 of business.