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I will do the occasional boosted post on Facebook and have gotten some work from them. I’m looking to boost to a larger audience and wanted to know what ads have worked for you guys. Do you offer a price in it? Or just a call to action?

I did it once and they charged me think $14.00. I stopped it after a few mos not any return for me…

Interesting. I’ve ran probably 2 or 3 boosted ads for a total of approximately $100 and gotten at least 3 or 4 jobs from it. I guess it’s a location thing.

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Does anyone have a preview of what their Facebook ads look like? I want to make sure the ones that I’m creating are professional yet get the word across.


I boost almost every post that i put up for $5-20 depending on the post. Mostly just before and after pictures. I get a job from almost every post. Just choose your demographic and give it a try. I will also change the demographic for different posts.


Be interesting to hear any real world success on this. That stats I’ve seen regarding response have said:

Direct mail 3.7%
Mobile 0.2%
Internet Display 0.2%
Social Media 0.1%
Paid Search Advertising 0.1%

I’m currently doing a test with an organic post and i have also boosted the same post. They are both neck to neck, they key is that the boosted post reaches people who aren’t friends and friends of friends. Overall I have had 2 thousand likes/shares/comments. Organic to date being at 783 people reached and boosted(paid) to date is at 1,324 people reached. For a total of 2,107 people who saw my add. Even if only 50% of the people actually remember it or use me, that’s 1,000 people who would be interested or more knowledgeable about my service.

im curious…what interests do you guys select for your facebook ads demographic. Im trying one now and have selected a few such as homeowner, golf, boating, etc. Aiming this ad at people who have some extra coin for weekend hobbies. They probably dont want to give up their weekend hobby to pressure wash their home, is my thought process.

In my experience all internet advertising is getting extremely competitive. It definitely depends on where you’re at and who your competition is but in densely populated areas internet advertising is ruled by professionals.

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That sounds about right in my experience. This is maybe the 4th ad ive tried. Its a nice weekend so i figured why not give it another try at least to get the name in front of people in my targeted areas. My last ads haven’t produced anything, but im also not investing alot just $10/day for the weekend

In my short time Ive had more luck posting services in local groups around me than through ads. That said I just paid for another ad to run on Facebook haha

This Home Adviser girl has been calling me for awhile… Been putting her off but she sounds so sweet nice reminds me of my daughter… April 1st Im gong to give it a shot… Cost $384 and think $14 a lead… I read mixed thoughts on here from users if its good or not… I head you get trash leads all the time??
What he heck Ill try it i guess… what yall think about it???

I am not too sure about the effectiveness of Facebook ads for my area. I have been using them for 2wks…set demographics for homeowners and played around with the other things. I have reached about 6000 people and some engagements and likes…at a total cost of $90. As a result…I have not had a single person contact me in any way…not a single contact.

With that said, I did not do this with the expectation of getting a lot of business…but I did think that I might get a couple of calls. In my opinion, the price is reasonable for the amount of reach…matter of fact, I have some ads running now and will continue with them. As I said, right now, I am not sure if Facebook will be effective in my area…we will see.

We have had decent luck with FB adds. We ran a post last summer of a time laps softwash and it really got people clicking on it. We ended up generating around 35 calls from the one add. Spent maybe $150 on the add and the return was much greater. I have also ran adds that’s just a picture for attention and had no luck. The videos really make a difference. We are going to film a time laps softwash this summer and use a green screen to add in someone explaining the process while it runs in the background. @snowmacomb on facebook is where you can check out the adds if you like examples.

posting a new ad on facebook but find myself stumped here: “Define your audience by including or excluding demographics, interests and behaviors.” What would you fellow washers and marketing experts recommend?

I don’t mess with any of that. I just let it spread to all.

Are you not concerned with wasting money on renters or homeowners out of your service area?

Not at all. I’ve had renters refer me to the landlord and folks that maybe can’t afford it seem to share and like more than folks that can. As bad as that may sound, it helps.

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The only exclusion i put is renters, because i dont want to target those who also live in apartments. Other than that i dont have too much of a demographic/interest unless im running a re-targeted ad