Facebook ads

I’ve done several boosts and haven’t had any calls. I look at it as a branding tool. People see the add then see my truck plus I’m about to do eddm to the same area. A lot of times people have to see your company name on different types of media before they call


Don’t worry about interest and hobbies

Things to focus on…

Our perfect customer is 40 year old female stay at home mom who is in charge of taking care of the house. Also lives in a $300k + house

We also pin point certain geographical locations that we do a lot of work in.

Don’t pay for ads across the board…it’s a waste of $$ and low conversion rates. Spend $$ to get your ad in front of your perfect customer.

For your ad use a good before and after of green siding. Keep the bs off your add, nobody cares you use low pressure, soft wash, or have a Honda.

Strike emotions in your ad

“Be proud of your homes curb appeal”

“Be the envy of your neighborhood; Contact us today”

Be sure your ad has a link to your website that goes directly to a contact form page… the goal is to convert customers right then and there.


Do you have a website ?

Key with fb ads is converting through staying online.

Nobody will pick up a phone and call you but they will fill out an easy drop down contact form

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Yes. Mister Pipeline did it and my Facebook page. I get likes and shares but no calls. Like I said I’m using it for name recognition and any calls I get is a bonus.

Fb ads should be used for converting sales.

Billboards are good for name recognition

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You have to get calls from Facebook first in order to convert to sales. It’s cheaper than a billboard though. I see you’re either Army or ex-army. Have you done any time in Germany

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I was Airborne Infantry for 5 years. Spent most of my time stateside in Ft Bragg and total of two years in Afghanistan. Been to Germany several times, but only to refuel.

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I was stationed there 4 years and ft Carson for a couple along with different schools here and there. I know it’s showing my age but I was in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down


Holy smokes lol I wasn’t even born yet. Glad to see your still out Washing!!

Best of luck, I think it’s awesome doing what your doing with your son

We’re enjoying it. I just have to keep reminding him that building a business is a marathon not a sprint.


Man that had to be a site to see .

It was. You couldn’t help but be happy for the east Germans but at the same time it changed the whole culture of the country. Crime started to get a little worse but nothing like today. It was a different army back then. There was no such thing as political correctness. The mentality was the military had a different standard than civilians and I think it functioned better that way


You can’t limit your ads to home-owners anymore. Facebook removed that feature, as well as most other useful targeting parameters.

How many times did you go thru checkpoint Charlie ? Before the wall came down ?

Lol. I never did. I spent my off time around saltzburg Austria, the black forest area, and Holland. We were on maneuvers 7 months out of the year until Dessert Storm then we started the European draw down. I think that decision will come back to haunt us